In Conversation with Mr. Sukumar Ranganathan

It was the Porter Prize ceremony 2012 held at the Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon. I met him for the first time, Mr. Sukumar Ranganathan, Editor for Mint.

Mr. Ranganathan is one of the founding members of Mint and has worked in various other business related media companies.

Starting his career with The Hindu Business Line, he went on to become the Marketing Editor. He also worked as the Associate Editor, and later as Managing Editor, for Business Today.

Not only is Mr. Ranganathan an eminent individual in the media today, he is also a published author. His book, The New Age Entrepreneurs talks about how entrepreneurs today work, and what goes on in their minds.

I got a quick hold of him at the Porter Prize, and asked him what his thoughts were on business, entrepreneurship and the youth of today. Here’s what he had to say:
What is entrepreneurship all about?

Entrepreneurship is about taking chances and risks.

How can India become more competitive in the field of economy?

India can become more competitive by become disciplined. It is a very exception driven society; we don’t follow rules. Just look at the government.

What should today’s youth focus on?

I think today’s youth is still figuring out what it wants. They need to read more, today, youth is really ill informed. I know it sounds really insulting. But today’s youth excels only in one field and do not know about other fields. There is a lack of awareness.

As told to Shraddha Jandial

Image Source [The Viewspaper]