In Hackers’ Community, The Loss Of One Is A Win For Another

Cyber Crime

The Digital India is growing massively with time and it has been estimated that by the end of June 2016, there will be 462 million users in our country. When the payment of bills and ordering a cab or groceries, booking an appointment with doctors or buying movie tickets is as easy as just a click, it’s no shocker that the majority of the population would start basking in the glory of the internet. It makes life easy and without any hassle. My parents, who were initially repulsed with the advent of such techy stuff fearing us becoming dependent on them, have now given up their aversion and are using the Art.

However, it doesn’t take much time for a thing to be explored for all purposes- either good or evil. There have been constant instances of people abusing the power of internet, a power that is harmful and malicious if in the hands of wrong people. Cyber crime has been on a constant rise in our country due to the widespread use of internet and IT enables services. Cyber crimes reported in India rose 19 times over the last ten years (2005 to 2014), from 481 in 2005 to 9,622 in 2014, and India is now ranked third – after the US and China – as a source of “malicious activity” on the Internet and second as a source of “malicious code”. For the growth we necessitated, I am pretty sure rise in cyber crimes wasn’t one of them.

Arrests involving cyber crimes also rose nine times from 569 in 2005 to 5,752 in 2014, according to National Crime Records Bureau data. What is increasingly attracting more and more people to indulge in cyber crime are illegal gains, followed by reprisal, eve-teasing, sexual harassment and greed.


‘Greed or financial gain’ were the major motives behind cyber-crime cases in 2014 with 1,736 cases, followed by ‘insult to modesty of women (599)’, fraud or illegal gain (495), sexual exploitation (357) and ‘personal revenge/settling scores (285)’.

Such increasing number of cases inhibit the freedom and privacy of others, while using up of their personal information for their own selfish needs. While the hacking of Facebook accounts is a common way to dupe or to take revenge from people, compromising their privacy; we are further fooled with ‘legitimate’ websites. Shipping us off to a link that would seem credible enough, the hackers ensure wastage of our time and money. With such advent of hackers’ community, we are required to be vigilant and careful all the time when surfing the internet.

The theft of identity is a dangerous situation to be in since the person gains access to your personal conversations and can cause trouble with your personal and professional contacts too.

One needs to understand that cyber security is a process and not a product. Hence, there is a need for a cyber-army; a team of talented cyber security professionals which include Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, Developers, Security Experts and Programmers.

Keeping this facet into consideration, US-India Cyber Relationship that was issued during the latest visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi , says that cooperation on cyber issues is a key component of the bilateral relationship between India and the US. Both sides recognise the value of enhancing and further institutionalizing their broad-based cooperation on cyber issues, and in that respect, intend to complete a framework based on the following shared principles and intended forms of cooperation.


Hence, for all the hackers out there, who are busy hacking or stalking away their love, there will not be a better time to enter the field of Cyber Security, as there is a booming demand for all the ‘ethical’ hackers. As they say, ‘the loss of one is a gain for another’.

Yugansha Malhotra

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