( In ) sensitive Journalism?

Media in this country has gone astray and does not really deserve the kudos it gets for all its reporting. The media is vehemently against anybody encroaching into their domain. Yet it really seems that there is no self control in reporting. There is no code of ethic to be followed by the big wigs too. Yes they have been instrumental in changing the perception of this nation, more so recently. We have changed from a laid back nation to a politically and socially active country. But that doesn’t absolve them from their fundamental duties. They cannot be allowed to go astray and report how they like. Bad judgement on their part needs to be punished rather harshly.

Firstly, what opposition do the electronic media in particular have to media regulation? It is basically that they do not want to give up on the impunity for having to report garbage. It is a fact that we Indians love to listen to garbage. Good news is not really attractive anymore as the scope for frenzy is relatively low. Surprisingly, it is not the Indian media from which I hear good news on Indian businesses and influence, it is instead from BBC. Is it that British are more inclined to listen to good news about India? The media needs to be doing more edits before it gets down to its live footing. They cannot absolve themselves of dreadful coverage.

Secondly, why the media not a little restrained while asking for quick responses? It is because they have taken themselves to be our revolutionaries. They have forgotten the role of media as an unbiased medium of information, nothing more nothing less. Classic examples propped up during the Noida double murder involving Aarushi Talwar and the servant Hemraj. The media pressurises the police so much that they are forced to give you botched responses. The fact is that they wait for this moment. The police or investigating agencies seem in a hurry to respond to the media. The media expect the DG NSG to tell them how long it will take to finish operations, and if the DG doesn’t say anything they give the estimates. It is unwarranted for, knowing such investigations take time. Are they the Central Vigilance Commission, to be posing such queries?

Thirdly, media opinion has become the verdict. Is that really supposed to be their role to tell us what to formulate our minds on? Is it not supposed to be for us to decide? I don’t want a Barkha Dutt telling me ‘don’t you think it is wrong?’ This shows that they have come with a pre-conceived notion of the issue. By doing what they do, they simply polarise a view. Don’t we all know that they all have ideological affiliation to various political parties? They just want the public to be against the polity so that heated exchanges take place. What is the solution that they have offered out of these debates?

Fourthly, matters of security should be carefully treaded. You, the journo-cluster, are bullying the Navy chief into taking his words back. I’d say the navy should say a polite no. It is a fact that by showing live footage or even a deferred footage of 20 minutes you give the terrorists an estimate. They are aware of the same things as we are. It is not that the army or NSG or MARCOS wants these ‘angels’ out there. Who wants to answer queries while lives are at stake?

Stop patting yourselves for what you did in Kargil, many in army say that you actually compromised operations and morale, by showing positions of our troops and asking them about home. The fact is that a martyr’s death is a hot sell. The state of the family is not a concern but good byte. What do they think would be the answer to how a martyr’s father feels?
Abhik Sen
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