In the name of ALLAH

Terror strikes again, engulfing Delhi, jamming the phone lines, waking up the people from their daily siesta, and most importantly, doing something abominable in the name of ‘Allah’. Five bomb blasts, three bombs diffused, 20 killed- statistics are scaring, and that’s all we are left with after yet another terror- strike in the heart of Delhi. As history carves in stone another episode of terrorism, there is something else that grows- perceptible, proud communalism raising its head in a supposedly secular nation, India.

The worst thing is, we are discussing the attack today and may be continue doing that for some more weeks to follow. And then, this will be forgotten like every other terrorist attack in the past. Same goes for Police, Intelligence and Security forces- they are high on alerts, as always after the blasts take place. Why the hell do we need the high alerts now? It’s the best time to grant security forces their holiday because we have had the attack, which they were hired to prevent us from. It’s in the news that the security agencies knew of it (like have been a dozen time before). What is the use of such information when it can’t save the life of population? Now terrorists will relax for at least a few days and so should the police!

It’s not that we can’t deal with terrorism. It’s just that we are dull as dishwater even after so many attacks, so many casualties. Why don’t we have frequent attack like these in the US? Why is it just India that is facing blows so often? Here lies the major difference between US and India. Minutes after the 9/11, US was on its heel running after terrorists all over the world- attacked them in Afghanistan, Iran and everywhere else. We have terrorists in our own country. They have been tried by the Apex Court, sentenced but not executed. Are we the only peace lovers in the world? We are a stamped coward nation run by people who care only for personal benefits. We are still rotating about Gandhian principles when our enemies are using Bastard’s principle. We are still wearing the cloak of secularism when enemies have started mass killings on name of Communalism.

What is innocent public being punished for? What’s their fault to be a victim of such a crime? This is the most cowardly act in the whole eternity and for them who call it Jihad, I piss on your Jihad! Where are the Muslim organizations? Look like they are tired after issuing Fatwa after Fatwa against Sania Mirza, Thaslima, Salman Khan. I don’t hear them- what are they doing? Why don’t they issue fatwa against the terrorists’ outfits and call them anti nationals? Probably, they are not making enough noise when it comes to terrorist attacks. Why don’t the Muslim organizations go on a protest against the terrorists who are a disgrace to the wonderful religion called ‘Islam’? I see them making more noise, so much that they grab my attention with ease in Amarnath Land issue, their community rights issue, Babri Masjid protest, Godhra, and so on!

Every Muslim is not a terrorist, agreed! Every Muslim doesn’t support terrorism, agreed! Even every terrorist is not a Muslim, agreed again! But, I can safely state that the number one problem in India and around the world today, is Islamic Terrorism. They have completely changed human life to miserable. Muslims need to help fight terrorism. We all know they can be very useful to crack this code. Its time they come forward, otherwise, the alternate option is not very pretty, I am afraid.

– Jahanwi Singh

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