In the totems of Twitter.

So, what is the deal with Twitter? It’s a site where all you can do is keep updating your status messages all day. Nothing but a site full of status messages! And when people run out of interesting status messages you are treated to the very painful details of their very boring social existence. Now what makes you think I would be interested in that?
Oh, and if you want to personally chat with someone, you have to first type in their @name followed by your message, so every time you reply you repeat the process. Isn’t that so cumbersome? It is so much easier to use a messenger.
But, despite all my censures Twitter is a flourishing colony of people who need to have their voice heard over the others. The louder you can shout the farther you will be heard. It’s no longer about the money, the power lies in the number of followers you have and your influence lies in the number of RTs you make in a day.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for shouting and I love having followers. But, I am not comfortable with flashing every moment of my day on a public platform amongst people who seem to thrive on exactly that. I mean on one side we complain about government surveillance of our emails & phone calls and then on the other hand the Twitterites broadcast their every move, every thought and every breath on Twitter.
I once read someone call twitter as a platform making the Twitterites into copywriters who sell what they know best – Themselves! So true! And since the resurrection of the internet that is what everyone has been desperately trying to do, get heard, get noticed, advertise themselves.
But I still don’t get it, with all its refutations why would I want to broadcast myself, connect with people, send a message through a bunch of status messages. I can probably do all that and a lot more with Facebook, Myspace and even Orkut, then why Twitter?
I have a twitter account since about a few months now (I even have twitterfox!), but every time I log in I draw a complete blank. I feel like an alien or some kind of refugee in a strange land, wondering what I should say next.
I don’t understand what to write. Would you want know what time I woke up? Or which coffee I had? Or what I had for breakfast? Maybe my morning bathroom routine would interest you? Or you might like me bitching and whining about people around me. That would make your day, wouldn’t it?
So until I figure out what to my next tweet will be, I will tweet about not knowing what to tweet about!  In case you still want to follow me on Twitter, my id is RuchiKumar. Happy Tweeting!
Ruchi Kumar