In Uri Flows The Color Of Blood

blacksundayIndia and Pakistan share much more than a border, they share a controversial history and a sad partition, which further gets heightened whenever Kashmir is at stake. They both have laid claims over the paradise and words of feud have been constantly exchanged. Many Prime Ministers have come and gone, many have promised either allegiance or a befitting reply to our once-beloved neighbor and many have been compromised in such a rivalry.

Much to everyone’s horror, dismay and fury, a terror attack took place on 18th of September in which 18 soldiers were martyred in an army base present in Jammu and Kashmir’s district of Uri. This has been the deadliest attack on the Indian Army since the Kaluchak tragedy on 14th May’2002, wherein 22 security personnel and 12 civilians were infamously laid off.

Allegedly, four terrorists from Pakistan sneaked into the Uri base early on Sunday morning and killed 18 soldiers before being shot dead in an intense three-hour gun battle. Preliminary investigation into the attack points firmly to Pakistani links. Apart from weapons and food with Pakistani markings seized from the terrorists, GPS trackers that they carried showed they had started from Pakistan. The evidence will be shared by Director General of Military Operation Lt General Ranbir Singh, with the Pakistani counterpart.

Public demand is raging for military action while the Minister of State General V.K Singh, has spoken against an act that rages and aims to ease the emotional aspect of it. Soldiers have died and the entire country have come together in solidarity. Sadly, such rage wasn’t present when civilians of Kashmir were dying because of excessive brutal force of the pellet guns.

People die every day in our paradise, where have we gone wrong? Is it the failure of Government in warding off their neighbors or some security issues that are easily breached leading to the death of 18 soldiers?

Pakistan seems to have acquired India as a soft target and a controversial outlet for their terror needs. With Narendra Modi condemning Pakistan for the Uri attack, he has asked that Pakistan must be diplomatically isolated at every international forum, and have decided to severe diplomatic ties with the neighbor.

While the act is being considered as a ploy to further aggravate the Kashmir unrest, this time the one paying the price wasn’t the civilians of the State, but the soldiers who were brought in to protect it.

Whatever the government may decide, we can just vent our anger or opinions on Facebook or Twitter, as nothing would amount up to the judgments provided by the authorities. They will form a strategic and well-thought response and we have no other option but to accept it.

What we can know is that when we all will be busy burning diyas this Diwali with our near and dear ones, when we will be busy thinking of how good always triumphs evil, there will be many families who will be mourning the absence of their loved ones. There will be many families thinking of the funeral pyre rather than the light that promises good times. There will be many families for whom this Diwali won’t be the festival of light, but will bring the proclamation of darkest of times.

The only difference would be that for some the mortal enemy would be the terrorist organization that bombarded the camps, while for many others the enemy would be the State who swore to protect them but managed to shoot them down by pellets. The sadness is shared by all those families who have lost a loved one, lost them either to the State or to terrorism.

The grief knows no tags, the grief comes for one and all, the grief comes for both, the militants (or state-sponsored terrorists) and the soldiers.

So long has the peace been demolished in the valley. The paradise, at least for now, reeks with the ugliness of humanity than the beauty of the nature. In the hope that the hurt families find some peace, while authorities manage to create some.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper