In the Clutches of Vested Interests

vested-interest.jpgIt’s a fact of common knowledge that

India as a nation can outdo any country in the world. The potential human resource and energy that

is blessed with might just baffle every other country. We can achieve heights which other countries can only think of. Then why is it so, that we still seem to lack something in our so called progress? Why do we still have millions of people living either under the poverty line, or having a hand to mouth existence? Why are we still the international hub of deathly diseases like AIDS, Cancer and Malaria? Why do we have such a high illiteracy rate? Why are the farmers still committing suicide? In spite of globalization, why are we still sticking to our same old superstitions? The reason is simple enough to understand, albeit not so simple to cure. We are being eaten away by our own political minds, Destroyed by our selfish interests, rotten due to our naïve thinking, and decelerated our progress with our mundane insights. The much hyped drama about nuclear pact, between the center and the Left stands testimony for this. Isn’t it a well known fact that

is in dire need of energy. Some of the remote areas of our country are still being deprived of electricity. One of the major reasons for stagnancy in Indian agriculture is lack of power. In spite of all this; our bloody politicians, who don’t care a damn about the citizens who are suffering, who are not bothered an iota about the public who face hardships; use this deal as an opportunity to generate publicity and garnering public interest, and the “Prime Minister” has to back out due to fear of losing so called support. The end result of it is that we, the people are at the receiving end. Now that the left is finally giving its “nod” to the deal, our worst fears have been confirmed, all this is a political sham which has no objective except to politically maneuver such a vital issue. Who the hell has given Mr. Arjun Singh the right to dig up once again, this impertinent and worthless issue of class quota? In fact I doubt he is really concerned about the issue apart from the huge publicity it garners. If they really want to help the needy, they don’t need to segregate the scheduled and lower caste people. Gone are the days when the caste barriers mattered (thanks to these people, they still exist!). In this 21 st century who cares about which class the other person belongs to, till the time that person is not dishonest at heart. The government can easily do well by providing monetary and financial assistance to the needy. They can help those people who have to give up their education because of lack of stable financial backing. But no! These people will not do that. Because from when has social welfare generated vote banks? In providing idiotic quotas they are not only denying someone worthy a chance, but also giving impetus to the not so worthy to take things the easy way. And not only these, but there are scores of other issues that the government is monkeying around with. But why am I blaming the government? After all it is us who nominate these Frankenstein’s monsters. And after nominating them we all do the same thing, blame each other. And in all this blame-game the loser is not you or I or the real culprit but the loser is one country,