Inching Towards Islamophobia, One Celebration At A Time

Donald Trump

Undeniably, Donald Trump, one of the presidential candidates for US elections, manages to make many headlines globally. People like him, they hate him, but no one can really ignore the wise thoughts of this man. From eradicating Muslims in the US to passing demeaning statements for women, from making fun of our Indian ‘accent’ to assessing the worth of our country as a strategic partner, Trump has promised all, and much more of these regressive thoughts.

US elections this year will be a much awaited face-off between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. While who’s who of the US democracy and celebrities are promising their support to either of the candidates, people in our country have already chosen the leader for the US. Off late, there was news when the Hindu-wing parties held puja for Trump, hoping him to be the man to save us from the apparent ‘terror’ of Muslims. Now, they have gone a step ahead to proclaim their loyalty to the man whilst celebrating his 70th birthday. What the US voters decide is inconsequential, there will be no greater celebration or sulking than by the esteemed Hindu Sena.

Right-wing group Hindu Sena organised a birthday bash for the mighty Donald Trump at Jantar Mantar. The celebrations included a seven kg cake, balloons, Trump’s poster brandishing as gun and some children playing birthday songs on guitar. The celebrations were held just two days after the Orlando shooting. Apparently, grief and showcase of solidarity can wait, while celebrations must always go on. The group plans to organise similar events in the future, including a rally outside the American Embassy in New Delhi and the JNU campus, after the new academic year begins.


The identity of Trump as the ‘Messiah of Islamic terror’ has struck a chord with many people globally. With his speeches and viewpoints, Trump believes that terrorism is Islamic in nature, and can be easily eradicated with support of the mass eradication of Muslims all over the country. However, the solidarity shared by the people of our country, which is known for its ethnicity and secularism, isn’t baffling. Many of the people share and nurture the myth of all Muslims being terrorists, and couldn’t wait to play the blame-game in which the Muslims are always prejudiced against.

Is the solidarity towards Trump due to Islamic terrorism or because of our distrust and hatred towards Muslims in general? Are the people finally embracing Islamophobia?

There’s no denying in the fact that apart from his visionary, Modi came to power due to the mass Hindu backing he got from all over the country. They played the card of Hinduism at the right time, while in the process sacrificing the essence and the voice of few Muslims. From lynching a man due to possession of beef to few leaders speaking out against Muslims and constantly hating and bullying them, the country has seen it all in Modi’s regime.

However, disregarding whether it’s BJP or Congress regime, most people in our country won’t find any solidarity with the Muslim community, and there constant alienation has further added oil to the fire.

With the coming times and continuous mass shootings and threat of ISIS and al-Qaeda, our country will possibly see some heinous crimes in the future. It is time for us to stand together and fight this indiscrimination towards the community. Every family has few bad seeds, but the entire family cannot be refuted due to the bad deeds of some.

Because, mind you, no matter whether we stand apart or stand united, the brutal forces of terror are coming.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper