‘Indecent Acts’, Are Costing Bachelors A Chance To Eke Out Their Living

From the bachelors diariesThe dreams, the hopes and aspirations of youngsters who are hopping from one city to another in a bid to explore themselves, and to better themselves with great further studies or excellent career opportunities are under a huge debacle. All their excitement comes to a standstill due to the biasness, judgment and lack of permit for youngsters to attain a property for rent.

A number of landowners are evading from the idea of renting out their places to bachelors or spinsters, the trend of which is majorly widespread in the commercial town of Mumbai and Pune, which witnesses the influx of many youngsters on a daily basis. However, it is not just Mumbai or Pune that takes part in such prejudice, many metropolitan cities are inhibited to commit the act.

The reluctance to rent out a property to young people stems out of multiple reasons. The utmost reason that tops the list includes the ‘indecent’ behaviour that the unmarried people indulge themselves into. The behaviour includes gelling with the opposite sex, coming late at night, involving themselves into alcohol and smoking, playing loud music, the list is endless, but the options for bachelors aren’t.



All this ‘indecent’ and society-corruptible behaviour, should not make an impression on the mind of the young kids who would get exposed to such atrocious and community killing act. When a dad abuses while driving a car, or when he is relentlessly bashing up the kid’s mother, or when the household feeds on sexism and stereotypes, the influence on the mind of the kids goes for a toss automatically. They won’t get ‘influenced’ by these acts but when it comes to the lifestyle of bachelors the influence is sure to rub off the wrong way.

Having personally lived the life of a bachelor tenant, I am aware of the prejudices and judgments unleashed upon us. From the clothes we wear to what we cook, from the jobs we do to the time we come back home, everything is under the scrutiny of the landlord and the housing management of the respected society. We are easily denied permit because of adherence to certain controversial religion or a vulnerable gender. Are the landlords hiding their incapability of not adhering to stereotypes under the name of blame-game?

Well, obviously we do have the right to live wherever we wish to, but like many other rights, it’s just on paper and not in action.

Fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution clearly state that every Indian citizen has the right to reside anywhere in the country, sans discrimination based on religion, caste, sex, eating habits or marital status. However, all this does not come under the jurisdiction of moral policing that the landlords usually indulge in.

Not denying the fact that there must be many tenants who create ruckus in the society, but putting everyone under the same umbrella is just plain unfair. Such generalisation creates an impact upon the people who are already dealing with the woes of adjusting to a new city.

It’s time for people to move over this general apprehension that restricts the betterment of society at large. Our society is an amalgamation of various age groups, and there has to be a balance that must be maintained, which can’t be achieved if the eviction of certain age-group is done under the pretext of ‘indecency’.

The acts are not indecent, the thinking is, and the only thing that should be evicted are these rusted thoughts rather than the set of suitcases that are waiting to be opened for the fulfilment of dreams and a new enlightened future.

Yugansha Malhotra



The Viewspaper