Independence in the True Sense

At the height of British colonisation in India, Rudyard Kipling famously declared –

“Oh East is east, and West is west, and never the twain shall meet.”

Well, in current times words of Kipling has been disoriented.

The Indian ego may find it hard to appreciate the western culture and yet, New Delhi, Bangalore and Ludhiana are some of the cities within India with the highest number of NRI residents.Traditional Indians feel it is a shame that Indians fly abroad for a better living but they fail to comply to the fact that NRIs add a huge amount to our economy by bringing in the foreign currency.

August 15, 1947, India won her Independence from the clutches of the British. This year, this auspicious day is awaited once again, not to remember those freedom fighters who have clamored hard to achieve freedom but merely because it is a day to relax, with the occasion of Rakhi and a blessed Sunday following it.

21st century Independence Day celebration has got another story enwrapped within itself. It has been 61 years since we have achieved Independence and yet we have forgotten the real essence of being independent and the boon of being a free individual. Independence brings with itself a bunch of responsibilities and a vision to contribute in the country’s progress and glorify its entity.

In the global scenario, India has reached a commendable position. We have excelled in science, art, commerce, power. Yet, this progress can double if all Indians contribute at the same pace ad with utmost dedication. India vouches as being one of the most progressive countries, yet it is at its peak when it comes of inheriting communal taboos…

The larger view of life looks quite rosy, but when we probe deep into the intricacies, we will find that corruption has massively penetrated in all spheres of life and has handicapped country’s progress. In this context when asked, Jhimli Das stated “ I am proud to celebrate our 60th Independent year. But, in our daily chores at times I wonder whether we have really acquired freedom?” She avers, ” I went for police verification for my Passport and the Inspector asked for a bribe to carry on the processing of my papers.” The Inspector is just a micro constituent of these kind of corruptions. There are innumerable people who suffer, especially the poor. A domestic help stated that she is required to pay a huge sum every month to the anti-social group in her slum for the safety of her family and children. All these revelation confirm just one thing – we may have achieved independence from our colonial rulers but we are yet to achieve independence from our own system.

However, irrespective of everything, we celebrate our Independence Day with glitz and pomp. Of course that does not include attending the flag hoisting ceremony or investing some time reciting our National anthem.

Sridatta Gupta

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