Independent India …….where — Independence is fighting for its identity

Independence —-

This is a word which we associated with us very proudly and we think in the same way towards our life too. I am sure that we are all free from something but surely we are not at all independent. Still we are in a world which seems to be independent but we are still not fully there. It seems that now virtually we have accepted that slavery in the light of physical independence. I will move ahead in this though, but before that I would like you to read these few lines to get a taste of what I want to say to you in brief before I take to details. I am sure that you all will agree that if I will close my eyes during day time, for me that might feel like night, but actually it is not. And same
is the case with us.

So before going further I would like you to go through this analysis of my independence me and relate
it to your life too.

am independent to think,

have to follow rules to do things,

am independent to move,

have boundaries which every year shrinks.

am independent with right of equality,

have reservations reserving cruelty,

against exploitation still exists,

people are living with inhumanity.

am independent with right for reserving culture,

my basic Indian culture is in its own pursuit

am independent to speak anything,

my growth is connected with speaking English and business suit.

am confused whether I am independent or a slave,

need money to eat and buy my choices,

pray to GOD for true equality and true freedom of souls,

that day we can truly say “Happy independence day” joining all voices.

then I will try 100 first aids for my scar,

from inside, I will live with just one question

Why me?

In the above lines something that I can easily take is that, we say a lot of things on paper but when it comes to reality something or other is not at the correct place. When we talk to someone and try to argue with our point, either we get the answer “For me this is the case, for you I don’t know” or “I have seen the real life, you haven’t”. These two lines are normally not for winning any argument but to say in short that “You go to hell, you can’t understand me and I am having no mood to make you understand my state of mind”.

If we see normally these statements comes out of frustration, either from a person or from a decision which we had taken burying down our own consciousness. We live with 1000 Kgs of weight into our own soul and refer it as our sacrifice towards family, friend, love or a situation. I only have one question to all those sacrifice’s in this world. If you can’t be happy after this sacrifice, you cannot stop drinking alcohols and cannot stop crying in lonely places or you cannot stop smoking cigarettes alone, then why are you doing sacrifice. A sacrifice is good if you do it with a strong heart and it doesn’t affect anyone connected to you (your family or friend) behaviorally and emotionally after
your decision. But it doesn’t happen with all.

Now coming back towards the Independence of an individual, it took almost 90 years of struggle (1857 to 1947) for those great souls to make our country free from slavery. Their sacrifice was something that we can never revert back to them in any case.

are we really free?

Are those freedom struggles, and lives of individual like Mangal Pandey, Tantia Tope, Rani of Jhansi, Annie Besant, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Bipin Chandra Pal, Sukhdev, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Chandrashekhar Azad, Sarojini Naidu, Dadabhai Naoroji, Sucheta Kriplani and Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, Shubhash
Chandra Bose and more
, notdid good for the bright future of us
and our country.

No, they did the magic that no one in the current world can do and that was a magic of clear goal and its understanding. That goal was for all and that’s why it was a correct goal

when I take as is of two kind-

Physical freedom and

Mental freedom


1)      Physical
– We got the physical freedom after the blood of several bravely fought freedom fighters was shed. They fought for the country not only for the physical freedom but for complete freedom. But if I see it today I am only physically free and that too not completely because I can go anywhere in India but only if I am having money in my pocket. If I ask someone to take me to someone they tell me to be self dependent and earn money. So in one way I can conclude that if I am poor by money then I am not free to go anywhere because I can’t buy any vehicle or I can’t pay any wage.

If for this cause those freedom fighters fought for their (our) country then they might have had thought about financials of every house for every individual. Because if I see the current state of my country, one side somebody has multi storied building and in other hand there are multi families without a single house. Does for this day we fought so bravely. I am sure when they fought for the freedom of “India” they would have thought that every individual will have at least one single room to live and every individual will live happily.

But the current scenario is something very different from what they might have thought. We call our self independent but we are not free to go anywhere (without money) in the world. These physical boundaries still exist then what is the true significance of the freedom to me? I am having right against exploitation and when I see around then I can see the inhuman behaviors with the humans which tell me everything clearly.

This is the situation in 2011 i.e. 64 years from the year of freedom.

How many years more are required for bridging the gap between our own


2)      Mental
Freedom –
A very serious point is in here. Mental freedom is something that is needed by any country to grow and to excel in any field. Currently when we see our mental freedom, we see around us frustration, destruction and harassment. It’s not the exaggeration of things but a simple example which I can take from my or any individual childhood. When we went to school our parent told us to be at the top and for that we have to read every subject whether or not I am interested or not.

The pressure increases so much that even in dreams a student’s think of these things. Student’s ability is of no use if he/she cannot score good in school boards. And the word “Boards” seems like a terrorist attack for a student because his parents and teachers want that student to be at top for a simple reason to get the job. If I am interested in maths then for 12 year I will have to study so many subjects during my school time and then if I passed through the examination with more than 80% I can do something like Maths honours or so , otherwise better go to
room and cry on your interest of Mathematics.

And word “Competitive Examinations” like engineering and medical are like god to a student after 12th examination. He will listen from the people around him that, if he can’t clear these examination then science stream is of no use. This is a tremendous amount of mental pressure that a young student of 10th and 11th
passes through and then we say that he has not seen life. If this is not life then what is life? In every incident of life, the one and only tension, is of bearing the mental pressure.

Because in today’s scenario we say “life is a struggle” and we believe in “Survival of fittest” which in itself says that happiness and life has no connection. If you are thinking of a happy life then you are living in a myth. If we can give a student such a tremendous pressure then why not an adult of 20 to 21 years. Go to corporate and you will see that 10 to 12 hours is common in any office and after these hours also you have to be available with your mobile as anything can happen in emergency.
Now I curse
the one who invented mobile for making me mentally slave. And why we do all
this is for……. “Money”. So I think we should eradicate this money concept from our
country so that all mental pressure which is because of more and more money
will diminish from my country.

Coming to the other side of mental freedom, we can clearly see the blockage of
thinking. Currently we have become more of money minded, we think most of the
time about the money but very less about other things. Most of us are ready to
go abroad just to get more money and leave our family in India. Where are we

Is this is what we want from our self or we are misinterpreting our
needs. Currently we are messed up between rules and thinking, we think on the
light of rules but I guess we should make rules in light of thinking. Rules of
education should be so that it should give freedom to a student to choose any
subject of his/her choice so that he can excel much more ahead in his life and
in true sense that will be independence for him and this will bring a drastic
change in the countries future.

Make children to think more about the subject more but do not force them
because “Every action has equal and opposite reaction”. This is the Newton’s
third law that every one has studied in physics and readily apply in his life towards
anything that he/she don’t like.

A very surprising thought that currently I am having is
that “Where are Einstein’s, Aaryabhatta’s , Ramanujam’s  and CV Raman’s now?
Its very sad that we are not able to reach even near to these brilliant souls.
So are we so mentally degraded or God has left us with no brilliant mind of this level.
This question might look absurd to thousands of people but if taken seriously can be real brain
teasers for all Indians.

We try to find people in corporate with creative thinking and those who are
innovative to do business. I am sure if we will let the students free from this
mental torture they will surely be innovative and creative. If we see closely
every child is innovative and creative, but due to some reason (may be too much
pressure) he earths his/her all energy in activities which fetches him nothing
in future.

We easily punish kids for their nonacceptance towards studies, but did we ever thought why
they do all these things. No, we all didn’t have time to do these things until
one of these children is my son or daughter. Oh I am sorry If he/she is my
child then also I will not see anything into him but force him to study more
and more,  suggest him to go to tuition and if required will slap him for
not studying and getting good marks.

Marks I say, this is not enough, we also have something called reservation. I still
doesn’t get why we move towards these things. If we are so much concerned about
every single individual of each and every state then we should increase the
level of education in those states where children have no primary education or
so. I see reservation as a failure of the primary education of those children,
because if this is not the case then I don’t find any reason for it.

I am not against any individual but want to say just one thing that my mind say that if
a student a reservation then where do I apply the “Right of equality”. Again I
must say reservation is not a permanent solution for any education system but
providing robust education to everyone and everywhere will fetch the solution
for every individual and also my country.

This is what we are doing with our freedom. I am sure we want freedom mentally
first, because if we are not free mentally how can we be fit physically. People
suffer from headache, fevers not because of too much of physical work but
because of too much tension. And what are we doing now, we are happily trying
to find ways how to make offices interesting for individual but not doing
anything towards this poor interest.

I can clearly say one thing that I am still waiting for
the freedom of our self and all of us, and I am sure one day we will see that freedom and on
that day with my true heart I will wish all of you……….

Independence Day “