India’s Claim to Shame!


  1. The 2G Spectrum Scam rules the roost as the Country’s largest scam ever! The Scam was worth 1.76 Lakh crore and the lead in this sham was A.Raj, who according to CAG evaded norms at every level as he carried out the distribution of the 2G Spectrum.
  2. The Commonwealth Games Scam is another feather in the cap! It took the Country by surprise when Suresh Kalmadi was implicated in the scam which neared a few hundred crores!
  3. The fake Stamp paper Scam perpetuated by Telgi was another such act of blatant shame for the nation! It penetrated 12 states and cashed up on about Rs. 20000 crore plus moolah!
  4. The Satyam Scam is the biggest scam in the Corporate History! It was worth Rs 14000 Crore where in the chairman of the Company himself, Ramalinga Raju was responsible!
  5. Bofors Scam is often known as the hall mark of Indian Corruption! The famous Gandhi Family was implicated and it went on to become a huge furor for the Country!