Do you feel secure in this country? Everywhere one goes, there’s something or the other happening all the time. It seems that India has been voted into the list of 20 most dangerous countries to visit. I say that this is total nonsense… because, if this is the case, then the United States of America should come first in the list after the September 11th attacks. Why are opinions biased even on such a serious issue? It seems that Pakistan has been voted as the most dangerous country…! Hello? Aren’t we forgetting a few other countries here? Whatever happened to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Cuba, etc? How much deeper will this issue go?

The police strategy and fight back during the Mumbai terror attacks was heavily criticized for not using proper weapons, protection or strategy. A few ministers were also stripped of their posts and a few other re-shuffled. A salute to all those who gave their lives in order to save others, but was it really worth so many lives? There are so many more questions which still remain unanswered…

The Times of India [Bangalore Edition] had recently published an article on how Bangalore used to be the party and pub capital of India until the curfews and time restrictions were imposed. Now, these restrictions, they say is for the good of the people… but what happens when the police take advantage of the situation? Many party-goers have been mercilessly harassed and beaten up by the police in the past few months and it still continues. The policemen enter the clubs well before closing time, take their share of cash and kind and then order them to close immediately. It looks like they are trying to act worried over the state of a few young harmless party goers over other priorities. This shows how they extract everything possible from an advantageous situation.

They have been criticized for using outdated weapons and transport whereas we hear of so many hundreds of crores being allocated for armament and defence every year in the budget…where is all the hard earned tax-payers’ money going?? In today’s situation, most of the policemen have a belly so big that they can’t bend down and look at their own shoes…! There are so many loopholes in the Indian security forces that one can clearly see through them.

India is supposed to be a sovereign, secular, democratic, republic and yet everyone gives V.I.P status and attention to any person who can throw a little cash around. Everyone accepts that something should be done about this, but, what exactly can be done? Whatever one tries to do, they are faced with the cold, corrupted face of the authority. I say that the terror attacks should have been at the Parliament and assembly buildings when it was in session. Then, the politicians would have got a taste of fear before succumbing to the terrorists. Most of them would have died and there would have been a political revolution. I know that this sounds like a fairytale especially when one takes a look at the present situation.

Our defence sure has a royal plan of its own! Buy all the outdated weapons from other superpowers and let the middlemen [read politicians] swindle the lion’s share. Then, give security to all the corrupt V.I.Ps [again read politicians] whilst the common Indian citizen is left to fend for themselves after paying so much tax money in a belief that the so called government will protect them. This is truly the sad state of Indian affairs.

Vishal N.C.

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