India 2020

2012, A point in the present date where India’s intervention has become inevitable in all realms of affairs be it international politics, world economy, a country’s foreign policy or globalisation. India’s presence can be no longer neglected. From IT export to US to lending hand to euro crisis, India has been the news maker for quite a few years and day by day it is reflecting its credibility more firm and assured. However, still when we sneak peep into the non reachable brinks of the country and walk into our system deeper, we come back ashamed and shattered. Such shocking is the reality and we seem hapless about it.

Every Indian educated or uneducated; literate or illiterate; rich or poor would have his own vision of India 10 years down the lane. And we can’t escape the biting fact that each vision would have a hope in despair like a silver lining in a cloud. Few words never loose their assurance and firmness in conveying the messages strong as possible such as “ Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle, ugle heere moti, mere desh ki dharti”. Today also when I and I’m sure many other souls like me hear the song would have goosebumps. Though it is very unfortunate that we are loosing on that.

“Everything that glitters is not gold” holds good in the case of India and its system. It is proved in CommonWealth games 2010. A Shining India has been marked as Corrupt nation to the core. Not only the shoots but roots are affected. Well, so many people have discussed about what all is wrong in our country but this time I want to give some solutions to that. Lets have a quick look on what is wrong where. From Corruption at every point of system, to illiteracy, unawareness and the craze for white collar jobs is what strangling India with her own hands. Not to forget, political system is major contributor to it be it for just vote banks; I’m not bothered. The fact is India is weak inside, ugly inside.

As a matter of fact, if you see, there are provisions for providing free and compulsory education to each Indian till the age of 14, provisions for clean and greener India, provisions for well maintained roads and sanitation. Be it Dal Lake in Srinagar, or a forest in UP, everything has been assigned funds for maintenance, so why don’t we see the change? Why we see the projects like Golden quadrilateral, and GSLV , excellent education at par with that of US/UK not feasible anyhow even nearby. De facto, no transparency in our system. I can’t neglect good things like ADHAAR UID Project that has high hopes embarked on it. But the question is who will carry on the sincerity? We know that India doesn’t want to commit to the G-8  summits as India is counted in developing nation and if we adhere by the standards of that we may fall back on the trace of development and would push us backward. So what are we doing in order to make India strong inside? I want to cover few areas in my easy solutions (might be easy to say but difficult to do, but yet we can give a thought, right?)

Let us say we do deforestation for IT parks, road construction, etc. Can’t we have the complete road left, right and at center planted? It will need an extra effort but it is worth investing that. Can’t we have a ratio of land taken for construction dedicated to greenery (greenery I refer to trees and not only herbs and shrubs).

If we talk about education, why cant we teach people in villages so that they can then carry on the process in the villages. We all know once educated, people run to cities but why can’t we make villages self sufficient? If we have proper management and all amenities available in the village we might be able to put a limit to that migration from village to cities.

If we talk about sanitation why don’t we have a regular check by municipal corporator, why there is no check on construction material thrown at road side by every second family now and then. Why don’t we impose proper disposal system?

To each problem, we can’t blame population explosion. To all solutions we can’t tag impracticality. But I do feel people have misunderstood democracy. There is a huge gap between the facts and the information with masses. There is a lot of unawareness and easy going casual approach. Everybody wants to live in India but nobody wants to own it. You want to shit but don’t want to clean. Another major factor is complex system and majority of the population goes in wrong direction to avoid that complexity. There is no transparency and people take advantage of that.

There is a great need to include transparency in the system and awareness among people about how the system works and how should it work. Just for an instance, in recent years there has been increasing trend towards bills. Earlier people never bothered. So if it can be done for one aspect, it can be well implemented in other spheres of day to day life. But the prerequisite is “Where there is will, there is a way”.

Karanvir Gupta