India and its Youth

Youth personifies caliber, potential, diligence, novelty and innovation. Blatantly, we all concede the fact that the youth have a broad perception of things and if guided by well-versed hands, they have the caliber to trigger the whole dormant government mechanism and make it operational in the real sense. However, in the present political scenario, we find very meager portion of youth in the political parties and within the political realms. There is a long running monopoly of old members in our political system. And when it comes to youth, they say they do not have the required experience and are too amateur to initiate and take national decisions affecting every citizen of our country. What a baseless allegation! When so many of our national representatives do not even have a literate tag, imagine where our political position would be had it the right proportional blend of experience with novelty. Do not underestimate the youth and challenge its potentiality! It was this youth who charged the nation into fire and threw the Colossal British Empire and it is this very youth that questions the government at each and every step, be it reservation or any other event and undoubtedly, it is indeed this very youth that has the power to overhaul and flip over the whole government mechanism if it malfunctions at the cost of its subjects.

Recently, the present election exemplifies the dynamic changes that have come up in the thoughts of the people. Be it Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, Mallika Sarabhai, Meera H Sanyal or Sachin Pilot, we see youth and educated Indians showing keen interest in politics and the spirit that impelled them to take the initiative is indeed remarkable and would propel more youngsters in the near future. The victory of Congress has remarkably transcended the caste politics that had poisoned and paralyzed our whole political set up and our people voting in favour of such an ideology is outstandingly applaudable. Though the number of people who voted this time was still much low, we see that it undoubtedly increased from the last time and people have become active in knowing their responsibilities towards the nation. We see democracy prevailing in the real sense and inflating the hearts of many youngsters with its true colours.

Every political party has an ideology and even if it does not have one, it explains it in such a high sounding, nebulous label that it becomes too complex for any individual to comprehend. Yet with the changing people’s mind set and awareness, we see the resurgence of the Congress with development as its ideology and parochial BJP’s Hindutva ideology not convincing the people anymore. We do see a change in the people’s approach and outlook from this. Mayawati’s deplorable performance during her tenure, grabbing a substantial portion of assets in her own pocket at her people’s expense, made her lose a major portion of the vote bank and this plainly demonstrates the youth’s ever growing awareness and their aspiration of seeing the country being governed by its true worthwhile leaders. People ought to know if their taxes are being used for the purpose of the country and not serving the extravagent needs of our voracious politicians. We ought to know if the security levels promised by the government are being strengthened or not. We ought to know if we are safe or going to be victims of another terror assault. And this growing awareness in the people makes them take the right decision about our country and who should it be handed to.

The recent Mumbai terror assault is a major example of the people’s fury. From the very beginning, the government has been promising to strengthen the infrastructure and security levels to fight against terrorism, yet by and by India has been coming under the realms of terror assaults. The government fails to do anything and resumes to playing with our lives. How many lives will it take for the government to realize that lives are being taken away and that something ought to be done? Why should the government bother about the security of the country when they have all the commandos looking after their own security levels? Why should they take the pain? They already have a lot to think about how to secure seats in the next general elections. Nation is burning in the heat of terrorism but it would not bother them till the time it would not bother their position. The opposition party would come to pay homage to the victimized and win their attention through media. The ruling party would again promise to improve the plight and would be under the pressure as to how to put down the other parties and secure their place? Under all these circumstances, who bothers about the country as a whole? We, the common man! There is a little anger in the minds of all of us which later fades away and we all resume to our daily work silently waiting for another assault in some form of the other which would definitely happen, sooner or later. Why do we put up with it as a part of a life? Why do we not fight for a normal and a peaceful life? Are we so numb that we cannot see the security being promised to us by our government, yet not being provided to us? Are we so coward that we cannot fight for our rights? For what did we choose our government then? Is it just to collect taxes and enjoy position and not do anything for the nation for 4 years and then come up with something substantial by the end of its tenure like the immediate loan waiver remedy? Have we finally given up and considered such assaults as inevitable as death? How can we let our rights be taken away like this? How can we be so quiet about it? To save our country from the grip of these selfish politicians, we need to realize that we have to fight for it and by no other way can we ever take our country back from those elements that are no better than the British. Initially, the British exploited us for their needs. Now their rule has been handed down to our politicians who continue to follow the same methods. Are we still free, then?

NREGA scheme is a wonderful scheme in itself serving two purposes at a time, Rural Employment and Infrastructure. Yet it does not reach out to a substantial portion of our population due to the loopholes in the government administration. Youth’s activeness and participation in politics would check the government at each and every step and contribute a great deal in making it effective and flawless.

Thus, we notice that it is not just by sitting idly and criticizing the government that can bring a change. To see things changing and our country prospering, we have got to get up and take initiatives and actions. Every change calls for a revolution and a pure dedication. Yes! You do not need the courage! You need the dedication, a boundless dedication! A crazy dedication! As if you would do anything for your nation to be governed and handed over to right hands and to be called once again “THE GOLDEN BIRD”, flying to the highest. And believe me; it is not impossible to achieve that. We just have to act responsible and true citizens of our country and be ready to volunteer whenever our country calls for it. Remember, Politics is not a dirty game. It just consists of a few dirty players who very cunningly craft their own benefits like Narendra Modi for that matter. You can purify it by giving in your unconditional share to it. This trivial step is just what your country needs to glitter. We just require self realization and there would be a national awakening. Believe me, each Indian would make a difference then and India would indeed be A HEAVENLY PLACE to live in.

Silky Agarwal

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