India and the Net Obesession

The other day I was surfing the Internet and suddenly it struck me how hard it was for me to imagine my life without the Internet connection at home.

Internet – A boon or a bane?

Internet – Needed or not needed?

I don’t even know why I am writing this article when it is already so clear that Internet has surpassed our lives and its importance can’t be brushed off. We use the Internet for increasing our knowledge – reading e-books, searching for information and generally making ourselves competitive enough to be able to any kind of people.

‘How is recession affecting the United States? What is the controversy over who built the Taj Mahal? How bats are able to fly at night when they can’t see? What makes women better housekeepers?’ – all these are general questions for any individual, which, of course, can be solved by the means of the Internet where informative material can be accessed free of charge. The cost effective medium has encouraged an individual to log onto the Internet and get his queries solved.

Even the smallest of topics given to the students urges them to log onto the Google’s search engine. The small kids might not know how to interpret the matter given on the Internet but they still know how to log onto the Internet and find their way around. It is an era of technical revolution and India is welcoming it with great pleasure. The former Government had monopolized the Internet services but now, dozens of small to large Internet Service Providers have set up shop, triggering a price war and a general improvement of service. Small Internet kiosks have been set up even in small towns, and the governments, both the state and the central, are pushing for growth in the Internet sector. Internet is the new buzzword. Many small tutorial colleges pushed computer software courses of variable quality that are now in a hard-shell scramble to push Net related content. The Internet represents the new wealth frontier for the middle classes – a good salary and a clean job, and for a few, the chance to go abroad.

And what if someone asks you for your e-mail id? Would you willingly say that you do not have one? Your email id reflects your personality and symbolizes that you are an educated elite. Today, even the other mediums such as television or radio force you to log onto the internet. Tag line ‘Ek mail bhej kar toh dekho’, given by Rediff Mail, emphasizes that everyone should use the Internet and make the most of it. Even the advertisements on the radio boasts, ‘For more information log on to the Internet’.
Internet serves the purpose of all the people, be they from any class or age. Aged people can find their mythological material, entrepreneurs can get global exposure and the students can seek comparative advantage over others.
Readers might contradict my views by saying that the Internet has also gone on to harm the society and runs the risk of being a national threat. To them, I would just like to say that It all depends on us, mostly on how we think and make the most out of it. If we are positive, then our acts are positive.

In the end, I would ask you to stop using the Internet for a month and then you will realize its importance.
Sanjay Kataria

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