India in My Words, It is Time

Take pride that you are born to me.
For so long, I have nursed and cared for you,
Cradled you even though didn’t ask me to.
For so long I am enduring this pain,
My heart is heavy and full of sorrow.
For long you have been in my shadow,
Sleeping innocently in my lap.
You are grown up and responsible now,
It is time I ask you to
Fulfill the pledge you once took,
To protect me from these blood suckers
And restore my lost glory.
Our fates are bound,
Together we live or die.
Help your old mother in distress
Don’t let her sacrifices go vain
Your loving mother INDIA.

India in my words

It’s been 64 years ago since India won its freedom from the colonial forces after a prolonged struggle. Now, is the need for the people of our country to start yet another freedom struggle, sadly this time the enemy is within amongst us. When our country got independence, our founders had a dream to see a united INDIA, a dream to feed and educate every child in our country and a dream to make our country Self-reliant in everything. Sadly, it is still a distant dream.

Perhaps they had been too ambitious. If any of them had been alive today, he or she would be probably having tears of blood on seeing their sacrifices going in vain. Just see the plight of our countrymen. The poor is getting poorer day by day and the rich is getting richer. There is huge trade deficit, the prices of essential commodities are shooting up (please don’t blame monsoon). What’s the reason behind all this? Everyone knows the answer.

Our country has been plagued by corruption right from the time it got freedom, or maybe even before that. Slowly and steadily it is eating up the foundations of our nation. From birth certificate to death certificate, one has to literally bribe his way to get anything done in this great country. Show me an Indian with all his senses intact, who hasn’t seen any kind of corruption in his life and I would happily fall at his feet.

You can enquire at any workplace around the world, on who would make a perfect employee? And the answer would be “INDIAN”. Yes, thanks to our government and the society to an extent we can now adjust to any situation happily, no matter how bad it is.

It all started, when architects of our great nation nearly photocopied the British and American constitution. Nothing wrong in it but, they could have at least made some amendments. There are still some laws in our country that nearly date back to late 1800’s.These so called Laws are tailor made for the rich.

For an example – if a person runs over 5 helpless destitute with his swanky new BMW resulting in their deaths, he is given a 5 month suspended sentence, even that gets cancelled once he applies to higher courts and on the other hand , a poor person who steals a mere 200 rupees to feed his family is jailed for nearly an year without bail. This is a fact and I feel shameful when such things crop up in foreign journals.

I would rather opt for a dictatorship rather than democracy if such dumb laws are forced on us. What is the use of the democracy if you cannot enjoy it? (It Is Like Keeping a Tray Full of Sweets in Front Of a Diabetic).

It would be selfish on my part if I don’t give credit to this government for what it has done to our economy. Yes, we are the second fastest growing economy in the world next only to Cchina. We have successfully hosted the commonwealth Commonwealth Ggames (Ggod knows how) and we have the largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world. But is this growth sustainable?? Not until corruption remains in our society.

Our country ranks 87th on the corruption list, the only solace is that our neighbor ranks a bit higher. The two countries separated on Ggod’s wish are following the same path,” destruction” . It’s a pity that our country, once known as the “GOLDEN BIRD” is now one of the poorer countries in the world. It is because of the so called filthy rich politicians who have stashed lakhs and crores of rupees in their pockets while the common man fights for his place in this land.

Fortunately this is not the end. We can still save our nation from the clutches of the devil. Let us fight for our rights of life, liberty and overall happiness. The world is witness to the greatest demonstration of freedom it has seen in recent past.

It’s not just the anger which has brought the people of different castes and religion together onto the streets. It is their love for the nation, to see it as one of the best in the world and for the future of their loved ones. Let us take a pledge that we would do everything that is fair and possible to protect our nation. As Tagore puts it “let my country awake”

Love all, love nature and above all love yourself

Sethuraman K.S.