Across India there are hardly any universities that having courses that incorporate the practical aspects of any profession. The course segregates the practical aspects of the job from the theoretical stuff and deals with them exclusively. So, in an engineering course, for example, summer break is the only time to get some on-the-job experience. In an MBA course, too, the theory is taught for the whole semester without the students knowing the implications of any theory that they learn. But, the good thing is that things are slowly and steadily changing. Colleges, companies and students are realizing the importance of hands on on-the-job experience. The result of this realization is the rise in the number of people on the lookout for internships.

Internships are gradually becoming a requisite in every field. Internship allows you the freedom to learn the tricks of the trade while still pursuing education. Learning is never restricted to either theory or real time exposure. It is a healthy and balanced mixture of both. Hence, the ideal time to do internship in India is while one is still in college. The concepts that one learns specific to a particular profession can be put to application during the internship.

It is a good idea to pursue internships with different companies in different years of your undergraduate and graduate studies. By the end of your course then you have a wholesome idea about the style of functioning of various companies in your industry. Apart from personal gain in experience these varied internships also look good on your resume and make sure that you get success in all future job interviews.