India: A Democracy, Really?

demo.JPGIt is touted to be the biggest democracy in the world. But is our revered motherland actually one?

A democracy, literally, refers to a state where the citizens have suffrage rights on major elective decisions, as well as those on important policies. Judging by these criteria, India is indeed, a democracy. The other side of the coin, however, is not that clear.

The Indian “democracy” carries numerous instances that make one think if it wouldn’t be more prudent to term India a theocracy.
We have no religious head-of-state per se, but interpreting theocracy broadly, it can be understood to encompass the frail political system that makes ample leeway for religious sentiments being misguided to make personal or oligarchic ends meet.

On a macro level, India has divisions to ensure effective governance. At each step of the division, it is almost confirmed that the person elected by the masses would be selected on any grounds but merit.