India of my Dreams

Remember your school days and you will remember the various essay, drawing and extempore competitions you participated in. Students always came up with innovative ideas to excel in these competitions. Different Schools, Different ideas, different competitions but the topic India of My Dreams is a common one. In these competitions people discuss some X Y thing about India. But have we ever given a serious thought over this simple yet important question. If we, the citizens of India will stop dreaming about the future of our country, who will?

Having thought about it that it’s an important question; I am trying to understand what the dream of each citizen about India is? Does the India of my Dream have more Airplanes, flyovers, Roads, Malls, skyscrapers? Or do I see my country excelling in the world market to an extent that I see 45$ available for a Rupee in the future? Or do I feel India of my dreams completely free from corruption and hence no growth as when people will not get money for what they are doing nothing will actually happen?

I don’t think any of this is India of my dreams. But does that mean I have no dream for my country? No. But yet I am unable to figure out what my dream about my country is?
This question inspires me to take a look at the great leaders of India and try to figure out what was the Dream they had for our country.

When I remember the great leaders of our country the first name that strikes me is Mahatma Gandhi. So let me try and figure out what was the dream of the Mahatma for this country. Since I have no history books available with me the best source to get the history of my country is Google (Which is of a foreign origin and knows about the history of my country more than I do). So here I type Mahatma Gandhi’s dream for India and I get to know that he has actually written a book called “India of my Dreams”. In his book he says he dreams of “an India in which there shall be no high class and low class of people; an India in which all communities shall live in perfect harmony. There can be no room in such an India for the curse of untouchability, or the curse of intoxicating drinks and drugs. Women will enjoy the same rights as men. This is the India of my dreams.”

Now moving on to find out what Nehruji dreamt for India, Nehruji worked for a modern India and thus laid the foundations of the most prestigious institutes India has in the form of IIM’s and IIT’s thus paving way for a modern India through Higher Education. He not only dreamed for a modern India but also tried to achieve the same.

After going through the dreams of these great men and their efforts to fulfill the dreams, I suddenly feel whether I should even dream for my country at all. Because you should not only dream but also try to convert them into reality and since I am not at such a powerful position, it makes me a bit skeptical whether my dreams will ever become a reality. So what options do I have? Stop Dreaming! Or Sit back and wait for others to help me out! Going by the first option I doubt if my country will ever progress and Going by the second option I will have to leave the job on others and how far they will excel in the job is quite evident with what they have done to the dreams of the two great men of this country.

Gandhiji’s dream of no high class and low class was crushed by our great politicians by introducing reservations for the so called backward classes in the most prestigious institutes of higher education ( The foundations of which were laid by Nehruji). His dream of eradicating the curse of intoxication and drugs is shattered at every nook and corner of this country by the presence of innumerable Alcohol shops.

These things prompt an Aam Aadmi like me to think if the dreams of these great men are shattered and crushed everyday, who will bother about India of my Dreams?

Ruchika Bammi

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