India on the verge of a civil war

This article needs no introductory lines. The title speaks for itself, and the reasons will too. It is time we saw some ground realities. Loss of faith in the Law – Disrespect for social laws and protocol is evident from the latest riots by MNS protestors against railway applicants in Mumbai, and the equally violent demonstrations of these aspirants in Patna.

Public, more so, the illiterate and jobless youth, have started to disbelieve the sanctity of law and order. They went to the extent of torching as many as 45 buses and trains, and creating riots in which scores have been injured, agitating against the arrest of their leader Raj Thackeray. Also, in Bihar, aspirants of railways torched two trains near Patna and vehemently protested against MNS. Such hooligans are now a huge fraction of the population, who, in the garb of ‘safeguarding’ their region or religion, do all sorts of criminal activities, even grievous crimes like rape, murder, extortion and loot.

On a different front, the rapid upheaval of Naxalites in southern parts, from Bihar and Orissa to Madhya Pradesh, is a red-alert warning of an impending civil war. The ‘soldiers’ in this army are mostly women and teens from the poorest parts of these states, who join in and kill for bread/butter in the beginning, but eventually start enjoying the freedom they experience by dacoity, murder and open goondagardi.

Political misconduct-

Religion-based politics by party leaders deprives many from justice.

Inspector Sharma, who lost his life in an encounter of terrorists who had bombed Delhi last month, is now being doubted upon by Amar Singh and other pro-Muslim politicians of a ‘fake’ encounter. Amar Singh has called for legal aid for 2 terrorists who are under arrest, and has expressed doubts that Sharma may have been killed in ‘friendly fire’ by his fellow policeman, who were trying to fake the encounter in Okhla colony. How shameful!

Region-based politics by the Shiv Sena and MNS has proved fatal for thousands of North Indian staying in Maharashtra. ‘Traveling and settling in any part of India’ is the fundamental right of every citizen of India. However, miscreants from both these parties, on orders of their respective leaders, beat and killed non-Maharashtrian people for no justifiable reason. It seems that now political parties can go cheap to all extents in a bid to extract votes, no matter how unconstitutional or unethical methods they may have to adopt.

Illiteracy and violence-

India has one of the poorest average literacy rates in the world. Although our GDP and per capita income may be increasing, but the positive-effects of the same do not trickle down to the lower sections of society.

Under the ‘Education for All’ scheme, the government claims to have created schools in lakhs of villages, but the fact remains that average Indian child is deprived of education, which enables a person to live a life of standard and awareness. On the contrary, illiterate people have the potential to cause havoc because they don’t really have a mind of their own- they are governed by stomach rather than logic.

In this scenario, political parties woo such impoverished men from the poorest parts of the country by offering them food, shelter and weapons of destruction, and in return make them do non-social activities, much to the interest of the party leaders, but very much against humanity.

Pro-Terrorism politics-

Lalu Prasad Yadav advocates that Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) should not be banned as it is a ‘student’ organization. However, the very motto of this organization states that it is an Islamist fundamentalist organization which advocates the ‘liberation of India’ by converting it to an ‘Islamic land’. Is this organization not against the Indian constitution? This terrorist outfit, on its website, proudly claims and lists the incidents in which it bombed cities, and how many were killed in the same. It goes on to declare that India will, Insha-allaha (god-willing), become an Islamic land one day, for which Jihad will pave the way.

Supporting a terrorist outfit is a criminal offense, for which Lalu should be jailed, just as a common man would have been.

In these terrifying circumstances, where communalism has been joined in by pro-terrorism politicians, religion/region- based vote banks, rising violence of Naxalites, SIMI and Indian Mujahiddin, lack of literacy and food and shelter, and the general loss of faith in judiciary by public at large, that India seems to be on the verge of a civil war. I fear that another Jallianwala Bagh would occur; bloodshed and death would become common sight and every family will lose a member. God forbid, but even God is witness to this Kalyug where India seems to be falling apart.

Shobhit Garg

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