India Ranks 18th: What It Take To Become A Desirable Working Place


According to the latest report compiled by the Boston Consulting Group,, and The Network India ranks at number 18 as the most desirable destination to work in the world!

India which is part of Group of Twenty (or G20 or G-20), a forum of world’s major economies including United States of America, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey and the European Union (EU); stands at number 18 as the favoured destination to work.

The G-20 economies account for around 85 percent of the gross world product (GWP), 80 percent of world trade and two-thirds of the world population.

The Super Power, US topped the list followed by the UK, Canada, Germany and Switzerland, making them the five most desirable countries to work in. All the top ranking nations are highly developed and are thus much favoured by anyone who wants to get a better experience of the world and a better exposure to the working environment. Another reason that plays a vital role in choosing a work destination is the language spoken in the country. Whereas English is the most widely spoken language throughout the world, German and French have a fairly large fan following when it comes to learning foreign language as they are comparatively easier than Chinese or Japanese.

Switzerland which has four national languages- German (64 percent) is the most widely spoken language, followed by French (20 percent); Italian (6.5 percent) occupies a small percentage of the population and Romansh is spoken by only 0.5 percent of the people.

The other countries the top 10, where foreigners said they would like to work include France, Australia, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

Employees from France, Jamaica, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia were found to be the most adventurous, with over 90 percent of respondents indicating willingness to travel and work abroad. Conversely, those from Denmark, Germany, USA, Russia and the UK indicated less enthusiasm, with less than half of the respondent expressing desire to work in their home countries.

US has, for many years and for many people, been a much sought after place for the purpose of work experience or even a mere visit; and what could be better than getting a job there! Apart from being one of the most developed countries or, as a matter of fact, a super power, it has one big advantage that people are familiar with the culture, thanks to the billion dollar Hollywood hits which have made the American ways popular across the globe. So, although a person lands up in a foreign land but has a fair idea about the culture and traditions of the place, it definitely adds to the country’s USP (Unique Selling Point).

On the other hand, Asia Pacific region does not generate as much interest as a possible work destination as the US or Europe, largely because of the perceived difficulty of learning the Asian Language. Other than language, countries like China and Japan have essentially different culinary tastes which become a major obstacle in adjustment in a foreign land.

Ratanpriya Sharma

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