Saturday marked 62 years of India’™s Independence. A remarkable feat in itself considering the speculation prevalent throughout the world about the stability and credibility of this massive structure. But the nation has stood the trying test of time, holding it’™s own and carving a niche for itself in the world.
On 15th August 1947, at the stroke of midnight, the tri-colour was hoisted pulling down the veil of darkness and ushering in a new dawn that is India. Mr. Nehru, our very first Prime Minister, delivered the awe-inspiring ‘Tryst with Destiny’™ speech, uttering words that echoed the feelings of an entire nation. He spoke of the suffering endured by our forefathers which resulted in the India we have today.
Pain. A word very synonymous with the history of India. Perhaps not visible to the naked eye but reflected in the pages of Indian history. A feeling so subtle and expertly masked beneath valour, bravery and sacrifice that it’™s lost. Few speak of this pain and suffering, they are, after all, shadowed by those noble gestures of valour, bravery and sacrifice.
India, however, is no stranger to pain and suffering today as she was when man first set foot on her soil. She has seen endless wars waged and witnessed the inhumane slaughter of her children while they fought for pieces of her, drenching her bosom with the blood of their brothers. She has been a silent spectator to terrible crimes. Each grain of her soil mourning the loss of a thousand lives.
She continues to stand however, no matter how savage the storm. Emerging bruised and battle-worn no doubt but, victorious and with her head held high. No matter how great a disaster she stands tall and proud.
Hope. Another brother of Indian history. As subtle and invisible as pain yet powerful in presence. It is what drives this great nation forward each day. A hope, a cherished dream, a desire for a better tomorrow. Despite the dismal and oppressing conditions of life and time, India has never given in. The flame of hope burning stronger and brighter when the darkness is deeper and more oppressive than ever.  Hope is the life-source of this fertile soil, irrigating and nurturing the harvest that is ‘India Shining.
Manasa M