India: The Land Of Incredible Nightmares


What is so atulya about a Bharat where women do not feel safe? Where tourists are tortured and scarred to the point that they would not once, consider coming back? We love chanting slogans but do we believe in them? Are our actions bringing pride to the Bharat Mata we so fondly hail? Is an atithi indeed revered as a devta here?

We are a country of shallow principles and a superficial attitude, and if we are not (if this stings us), is this how we want to be known to the rest of the world? Certainly not! So we must take some responsibility for what our fellow Indians did to a Spanish couple, purportedly in an intoxicated state.

A couple from Spain, who were enjoying the picturesque city of Pushkar in Rajasthan, had rented a bike on April 4, and were on their way to a rural temple, when a group of young men stopped them. The woman alleged that the men molested her, snatched her bag, tore her clothes, and when her partner tried to stop them, he was hit on the head with a stone.

The couple raised an alarm, following which a group of villagers ran to their rescue. The culprits had run away by then. The wounded were taken to a hospital where they received primary treatment. This episode has successfully raised red flags on tourist safety, and will be remembered for a long time.


Congratulations reckless Indians, your acts have deterred tourists. Kudos.

We can safely say that in India, evil lurks in every corner. The unwary, unguarded couple had gone out to enjoy the scenic pleasures that the cultural state of Rajasthan offers. It is shameful that they were attacked, unprovoked.

We react pronto when an Indian faces racist attacks on foreign soil. Then should we not dunk our heads in a pool of shame for how we treat foreigners here?

We are absolutely enraged if an Indian faces prejudice abroad, or becomes a victim of mindless violence. We must show the same kind of abhorrence towards crimes taking place inside the country.

I urge educated, rational and loyal Indians to condemn violence against tourists, to take a stand against hooliganism. We want the government to take severest of steps against anti-social elements so that such delinquencies do not repeat themselves.

Prerna Mittra

Image Sources:

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