Indian Cricket Team: T20 champs…what about 50-50??


The much-hyped T20 championship, in which India emerged as a team possessing unmatched caliber, good co-operation, high team spirit and dedicated efforts, has certainly put the expectations of the viewers on a high. But the unexpected and straight defeat in recent 50 over matches in the Australian tour of India has dethroned them from the title of the “World Best Team” and has highlighted a major flaw in the Indian Cricket that is lack of consistency and long-term strategic play coupled with inability to occupy the crease over long periods. This has certainly broken the hearts of the spectators who had already convinced themselves of being proud supporters of the world’s finest team.

These series of matches depicted a right combination of teamwork & responsible play on the part of the Australians who went on to score 300+ in their initial games, thus pressurising the Indian batsmen by the thought of a long run chase. Further, the blistering Indian batting line-up showcased lack of self-confidence and tumbled over the Australian bowling attack rather shamefully. The batsmen who were the masters of hitting fours and sixes failed to work on building useful partnerships, which is certainly a basic necessity for a sustained run chase in a 50 over match.

But towards the end, the glorious victory of India in the concluding T20 match has washed away the pain of a series loss to an extent such that we are now willing to give them their share of time to ponder over the events that marked the dreaded series. Thus, it is evident that a T20 match is all together a different ball game as compared to a 50-50 match as the two require a completely different approach in order to emerge as a winner. Hence, this brings to light an indispensable need on the part of Indian Cricket to re-evaluate and rethink their strategy all over again, so that when we call ourselves “A nation of some of the world’s finest cricketers” irrespective of the number of overs the match is played in.

Ishant Arora