Indian Electronic Music Producers You Should Know About


2014 is turning out to be one massive year for electronic dance music in India. Major international artists have toured the nation in the last 12 months. Flux Pavilion, Steve Aoki and Afrojack to name a few.  However with all this hoopla surrounding the international DJ’s, one seems to have put the local artist’s at the back burner. We give you a low down on some stellar Indian electronic producers you need to listen to:

  • Sandunes aka Sanaya Ardheshir‘s music can be best characterized as crisp and eclectic. The musical influences range from hip-hop to post-dubstep and U.K garage. It’s very difficult to box Sandunes into a particular genre yet something about her music sounds Asian. This is one of her best tracks till date- Check out her soundcloud page for more information.
  • B.R.E.E.D– their Facebook page describes their music as future exotic and it lives up to its name.  The talented duo consists of Tara Mae who has contributed to the vocals and instrumentation over the years and main man Ritesh D’Souza. One can spot influences like glitchhop, dubstep and even soul influences in their music. The pair will be performing at the Supersonic Festival in Goa this December. This particular track is a gem-
  • Dualist Inquiry- If rock-influenced electronic music is your thing, be sure to check out this talented artist. Sahej Bakshi is one of those rare artists who plays the guitar live along with mixing his music simultaneously when he is performing live.  The result is a sound that’s fresh, dreamy and straight away recognizable. He has even opened for the world famous French DJ, David Guetta. This is one of his many standout tracks –
  • East Stepper aka Abhishek Jha is a bass music producer based out of Delhi.  His music is filled with spacey sounds and heavy bass. However he sticks to his roots by also incorporating exotic Indian sounds in his music.  He is regularly featured on BBC radio U.K and other famous radio stations.  Over the years Dubstep and Drum and Bass have been diluted down to just noise on many occasions. East Stepper changes all of that by continuously delivering top-notch bass music.  Be sure to check out his soundcloud page-
  • Madboy/Mink are a funk and nu-disco duo based out of Mumbai.  Having recently performed at the NH7 Weekender festival in Delhi, this relatively unknown duo has brought that 70s disco sound back which seemed all but lost. The best part is they manage to infuse an assorted set of unique sounds and the end result is a track that has influences ranging from disco, funk and some amazing guitar riffs. Their track “Funkenstein” exemplifies their capability to create an outlandish sound that will definitely make you sit up and take notice-

Somesh Chandran

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