Indian Government’s Problem – Is it really money?

How far  is it justified to say that the government doesn’t have money for providing education, for making schools for the children, for providing basic needs to the people below poverty line?

Can they always flee away from the problems of the likes of food , education, corruption ?

Now, if they really say so we need to think for once, is it really true ?

I am not saying that they are lying but just want to ask from them where did the money go if they don’t have it for fulfilling the basic needs of the people of the country, assumingly that it doesn’t get eaten by the rats and it isn’t flooded in the rivers.

Now first of all I want to ask if we really don’t have money then why are we allowing things to happen that cost too much. When we don’t have money to fulfill basic needs of the people of the country then why do we waste it?

I just want to ask or raise a question to the prime minister of this country , WHY ARE WE WASTING SOMETHING THAT WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TO FULFILL OUR BASIC NEEDS?

Now, my first cause of putting of this question is THE MAYAWATI STATUES which are getting erected in such a way that we have boxes full of money that is useless and that cannot be put to a better use. Now if this is true then I again want to ask why not our basic needs been fulfilled yet?

And this isn’t true then why our centre is quiet over this issue?

Only few possibilities I see for this which first of all includes that  the centre doesn’t have control over Mayawati’s  state government and the Mayawati’s state government outmaneuvers the central government purposely  because they know that they are smart enough to win over this issue by stating some illogical facts which the centre always accepts.

The second thought that came to my mind is that may be Mayawati’s government is supporting the congress to acquire the centre    in a much broader way than it seems or it appears.

In both the cases who is suffering ? : the poor as always.

Now the second question that I wanted to ask is IF we don’t have money then why we waste too much money in cricket ?

Is this because we want to maintain our reputation at international level. So should we say it in that way that the government has money to resolve conflicts in other states and to distribute to international level game players but not for internal matters and for internal disputes?

We have crores of rupees  for international level players but not for those families whose family member ( a civilian or may be an officer) is shot dead in a naxalite attack or some other terrorist activity.

Why we shut our eyes for our people. Why don’t we understand that these poor people make our country and not these 20 cricket players ONLY?

Each Indian player has got some couple of crores when they have LOST the world cup and each family whose member is shot dead gets 1 lakh for consoling them.

Arun Mehta

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