The internship scene in India is undergoing a complete overhaul. Internships are now available in almost all fields. Within broad areas where one can look for internships there are subcategories from which one can choose. The aim of these internships is to get people to help the company with their functioning while these people learn more about the nuances of the job.

When there are so many options available to choose from it becomes difficult to decide where all to apply. The short listing of companies and job profiles should be done keeping one’s skills in mind. One should be absolutely clear as to what one wants to extract from these internships.

Indians are exploring opportunities at home and the companies are responding to this desire by providing them with internships in various departments. The companies see it as a way to tap on good talent. Many people who intern with companies are given the option of taking up a job with the company.

Internships in India are not only attracting Indians to intern during the summer months, but are also attracting foreign tourists to intern with an NGO or any other organization during their stay in India. Interning with such organizations allows them to experience first hand what it is to live amongst Indian people. The lure of the orient might be the reason for their desire to intern in India, but once they start working they become a part of it and that is what brings them back to India.