Indian Nation in a Social Muddle

The Republic of India is in its 62nd year of Independence from the British Empire. But, still somehow as citizens of this great nation we always felt that the current democracy in the country can’t be regarded as a real democracy. It should be more democratic in nature than what it actually is. It is a universal truth that democracy is among the best modes of governance discovered by humans till now. And perhaps one day if a more developed model of governance other than democracy may be discovered then it certainly will surpass democracy, which is the ultimate model of governance (at least for me and surely for many more). But, we in India practised it like a second-hand denomination, as a result of which a little of true democracy has been left in this country. But then people may argue that there is no term like an ‘Ideal Democratic society’ and it is not less than a utopia like an ‘Ideal Marxist society’.

At present, only 5 communist countries are left in the world namely, People’s Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Cuba, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Socialist Republic of Vietnam. And it is known fact that China is developing not because of her communist policies, but, due to the capitalists market driven economy.

India has completed her 60 years as a Republican nation this year. But, by observing all those past years are we really are in a position to state it to be a democracy by the people, for the people and of the people. If yes, then why is it is so that some of the major parts of our country have been governed by Naxalites? Why the people of Kashmir and of north-eastern states feel disassociated? Why 77% of our population is so poor that they are now generally compared with the people of Sub-Sahara countries. That means that it is a democracy of only few people with most getting deprived off the basics. Then, how can we say it a democracy by the people, for the people and of the people.

Actually, the majority of people who came from the doors of democracy tried well indeed to keep the watchdogs of democracy handicapped. We had thousands of people die waiting for their trial in jails for years, but, for powerful people they were held at honourable judges‘ residences. It has become a common notion among the poor that police is only for the richer strata of the society. Then, how can we state it to be a democracy, if the people of the country don’t have equal rights.

On one hand, we have the cases where some of our members of parliament were found culprits of charging money to raise questions and on the other hand, it is found permissible in our politics to neglect the issues like poverty, unemployment, hunger, environment, etc.: Therefore, why should the common man of this country consider it a democracy for the people?

Like, communism has failed in building socialist humans and society, similarly, our parliamentary democracy has failed in delivering democracy to our citizens. So, what is the way to bring out our great nation from this social muddle? Perhaps, I am not intelligent enough to answer this question, but may be you are!
Your country needs you!!

Ashish Verma

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