Indian Politics: As dirty as it gets

It is a clichéd opinion that Indian politics is a dirty game. However it scaled horrendous proportions after the death of Swami Nigamananda. Since the Swami had no political implications no political party bothered to pay heed to the cause which he was pursuing. And why would they? In a country where everything in under the snare of politics, attaching importance to anything non political is considered a waste. A 114 day fast by him against stone quarrying along the banks of the Ganges was trivial when juxtaposed to a few days fast by a televangelist. The media too is to be blamed for not giving the Swami the credit he deserved. It was only when he died that the siren went off.

The death brought out the ogre in Indian politics. The Swami had laid down his life for a cause intrinsically noble (unlike many others).However without sparing a thought for the Ganges, the political shenanigans were all out to seek political mileage by accusing one another. They can take consolation from the fact that such ignoble behaviour do not translate into public discontent. Had it been so Indian politics would have transcended caste oriented battles; focusing more on panoramic and productive horizons. This episode certainly added to the melodrama of corruption and poor public welfare schemes. An Indian report card on the latter would bring to light how inefficient our bureaucracy is. Seeking a change in governance would seem to be a solution, but it’s a pity for the Indian electorates that they have to choose from the bad and the not so good.

The perpetual devil may seem invincible but we cannot take a defeatist approach. It is our duty to support every cause that fortifies our democracy. The fourth estate is one of the most important limbs of our democracy and it should be receptive to every individual rather than a handful. Mere rabble rousing for the sake of TRPs shouldn’t be the approach. Emphasis should be gives to opinion building. This would empower every single thumb at the husting s. With a strong opinion base, Indian politics will witness a metamorphosis. It will be a food for thought for every political party that has strived  to hoodwink the masses with a facade not stripped so far. It would then ensure that problems are nipped in the bud and sacrifices like that of the Swamiji’s are not repeated. All these will culminate to a utopia, a utopia of the people, for the people and by the people.

Soumyajit Datta