Indian Politics: We Want it to Change

Politics in India or in any other nation has always been a prime issue, because the entire society rests upon the government of the country. The peace and prosperity of a country is directly proportional to the kind of government that rules it. A healthy government leads to the formation of a healthy nation. India is a democratic country. Here, the people choose their own leaders through the voting system. There are many political parties in India, major ones being BJP and Congress. At present, the Indians politics is like a game of tug-of-war between these two major parties. In the past, India has witnessed many examples of an efficient government.

But in the past few years, various evils have crept into the system, bribery being the most important one. During the election campaigning, the party people bribe the common man to vote in their favor. They offer them gifts, money or anything else to convince them in this regard, and even appeal to them on cast lines. Moreover, these parties get attractive pamphlets published at the time of elections, which mention numerous social services. But they are literally meant to be thrown into the dustbin after the elections, because even half of these promises are not fulfilled once the party comes into power.
This cheating is rarely possible in the metro cities where the citizens are educated and smart enough to judge who is better and who can actually promote their welfare. But at the very base of our country, the villages face this problem every time the elections are conducted, since most of them are illiterate and unaware of the pros and cons of the situation. As a result, they can easily be persuaded and hence, their precious votes are misused.

The recent elections in America came out with such positive results, that the whole world had to agree that ‘nothing is impossible’. For the first time, America got a black man as their president- Barack Obama. But apart from this, what surprised me more was that the leader of the opposition party- Mc Cain did accept his defeat in the end. He wished the new president with equal warmth as the others. His statement that ‘we will work together for the prosperity of USA’, was remarkably startling.

India ought to learn from the USA, that who wins is not important. What is more important is the progress of the nation by any means. And this is exactly what is lacking in the Indian political system. Not only before or at the time of elections, but even after the government has come into power, the opposition accepts its faults. They are always is search of issues that can cause the failure of the ruling party.

Even if there are no such issues, the opposition unnecessarily tries to create irrelevant issues and thus hamper the working of the government. As India is a democratic country,, the opposition party ha full right to claim the faults of the ruling party but to forget the ultimate goal of improving the country and only search for one’s own benefit is not justified.

It is said that the students are the future of the nation. But if the present leaders are like this, what can be expected out of the future leaders? It’s but obvious that they will also start walking on the same illegal path. And this is exactly what is happening in the student elections in the universities. From the college level itself, they learn the tactics of convincing people for votes by any means, legal or illegal. They offer all the stuff that can persuade the students for votes- parties, discos, free meals at restaurants and free movie tickets. So when the entire basis of the Indian political system is threatened, how can anybody expect the future of the country to be in the safe hands?

It is time that the entire Indian political system undergoes a revolution. That is the need and demand of the time. More and more examples of efficient government are coming up from across the world, especially in the USA. India must learn from them. Only then can we expect to have better governments in the future and hope for the prosperity of the country.

Shruti Kapoor

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