Indian Society: Asking for an Overhaul?

Once again a report based on discrimination on religious ground is heading our media coverage. The current incident of Bollywood Actor Emraan Hashmi being declined an apartment in one of the posh areas in the suburb of Mumbai; Nibbana Housing Society (Pali Hill). The actor has accused the housing society of not providing him NOC on religious accounts. He further indicts that, even before paying the toll money, he was told by one of the property agent that the housing society will not approve a Muslim to buy an apartment here.

Prior to this incident, a similar report came a few months back from another eminent Bollywood family of Sahabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar. They blamed a housing society association for not providing them NOC on religious grounds. The news remained on top charts for a couple of days and then suddenly disappeared from the news. The truth may be so, or maybe that these artists are right or it’s just a cheap publicity stunt to gain social sympathy for fulfilling personal motives. But, what concerns me is that even after more than 60 years of our Independence, these incidences do occur in our society. The only difference is that, the reports involving popular celebrities comes in the limelight, while the once involving the common man are left unknown.