Indian Start-Ups To Work For in 2015


We have just kissed goodbye to 2014 and welcomed 2015. Some of you would have created  good memories in the previous year while others would have learnt some lessons. No matter how your last year went, you can always start anew in 2015. If you are a job aspirant and looking forward to working in a start-up, then here are a few names, which you can go for-

1. Helpshift Technologies Pvt Ltd: Based in Pune and working in CRM products sector. This startup was founded in 2010 and the pace with which it has grown is truly amazing. Their revenue slab is 3-10 Crore yearly. The main reason behind putting it on the first rank in this list is its on-demand products in SaaS Mobile industry. You get a Macbook Pro, all day food, in-house X-Box 360, Foosball and PS3, if they hire you.

2. 91Mobile.Com: If you’re based in Mumbai, this customer Internet-centric Company is one of the best places for you to work. It has been funded by India Quoitent. Even though, it’s been only five years since this company came into existence, but it has already achieved break-even point. If you want to work in a challenging and high-potential start-up, then this is the place for you.

3. Zoomcar: It was founded in 2013 in Bangalore.It’s very young in the personal transportation business, but it has already crossed a 20 crore per annum revenue mark. If the transportation sector is your choice of livelihood, then look no further to begin your career.

4. The present belongs to E-Commerce industry. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Indian E-Commerce industry. Some investors that have shown faith in it include names like Softbank, Yuri Milner, Qualcomm Ventures, and Nexus VP. By joining, you can unleash a lifetime work opportunity for you.

5. LimeRoad: It was founded in 2012 in Gurgaon. LimeRoad has a team of the best thinkers and creative people of the industry, who are capable of introducing revolution in Online Lifestyle Discovery & Commerce industry. They are backed by Lightspeed Ventures & Tiger Global and Matrix Partners. Within a few years of emergence, they have crossed 20 crore per annum revenue figure. They have grown 1900% over the last 12 months and always have space for smart people in their core team.

It’s just the beginning of 2015, and you have 364 days to turn your dreams into reality. Don’t stick to the old plans and strategies. It’s a new day; so get-up, dress-up and show-up, but don’t give up. These are just five start-up companies that you can opt for if you want to work in any start-up firm. You will see many more names joining this list in 2015; so, don’t worry about the opportunities as you will get ample chances to reach where you belong to in coming months.

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