Indian students attacked in Australia. Is it Racism?

I just happened to flip over the news channels and I get to see breaking news which read “Racist Australia”. I just watched on to see if Symonds is in any controversy, well things were different on TV this time. A ghastly image of an Indian amidst medical facilities comes up on TV. The reporter goes on to say that this Indian was attacked by Australians based on race. He was attacked by arms and is now in a very bad situation. I pretty much did not want to jump into conclusions on this issue as we all know Indian TV media is quixotic enough to blabber any thing on TV. I continued to watch the show and there were very disturbing sanguinary pictures shown of many others who had suffered, most of them being students.


I was however not convinced about this whole issue because one of my close friends studied in Australia and is presently working there. The news also flashed saying that one more student was attacked by a petrol bomb. I was thrown back by this statement. “A bomb” now that’s a big thing, I was pretty much sure this was not persecution but personal. Googling a little more had information from the Indian community in Australia saying that some of the Indians do misbehave in public places.


Its all clear right. Out of the 90,000 students studying in Australia and God alone knows how many working maybe a handful have been hurt. Persecution does not happen on a mini scale and is not easy to hide. May be a couple of incidents might have been true but we must also analyze what led to these fights in the first place before making an audacious statement that Australia is a racist nation. Such issues are very delicate and must be handled cautiously. I really don’t know when the Indian media will learn that, they just act so naive be it whatsoever.


We must also accept the un-denying fact that not everyone who is born in the nation is Gandhi; we very well see it in front of our own eyes in India. There is not a single day’s news without a mention of a rape, eve teasing, sexual harassment, nuisance case. We are used to these things because the ambience has been pretty much the same ever since India got independence. Take for example peak hour traffic scenario, am sure every one will be trying to make it through the traffic to reach office on time. Do not mistake me for a typical Indian who talks less about his nation. I am sure if 1 billion people (that’s one sixth of the world) lived in USA they would also be playing the rat race. I salute my nation and I do understand the underlying problem on why our attitude is this way. However we cannot expect the same demeanor on foreign soil, here things could be different. People might not tolerate public nuisance at all.


In Germany if you do not address a person with respect during your conversation, they will simply walk away from you. You cannot call that racism; just that it’s their culture of giving respect and taking it back. Staging a protest against this will lead in to more trouble. The famous saying “Be a Roman at Rome” is what comes to my mind. This is something which we pretty much must learn in our life.

Balaji Venu

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