India’s Patience: Tolerant And Proud


We know it all too well about how your news feed got spammed after Aamir Khan’s much speculated ‘intolerance’ remark. The established actor was criticised by the whole country for having made a ‘despicable’ statement about his motherland. However, we do not agree with Aamir, much like the majority of people out there. And our reasons are slightly different.

We tolerate almost everything we can. We tolerate vicious troublemakers in this country. We tolerate when the legislation of our country delays justice. And when we are stopped on the road so that a minister’s car can drive by. We put up with the ever-widening literacy and wealth gap. And we digest the accelerating poverty.

We tolerate hours of delay on a train station. And we tolerate when we have to be extra cautious during Independence Day. We tolerate hikes in petrol and onion rates. And when a girl doesn’t talk back to an eve-teaser for she fears acid attacks. We tolerate when Dalits suffer because sacred texts say so. And we tolerate when people suffocate under the Article 377.

This country which shelters numerous religious and linguistics groups is anything but intolerant. We tolerate news channels which broadcast nothing but garbage. And politicians who run the office on the basis of self-interest. We tolerate everything from Yo Yo Honey Singh, to Bigg Boss, to Asaram Bapu and even Himesh Reshamiya’s movies.

And if you still think we are intolerant, have a look at Old Delhi Films new video. Regular people talk about tolerance in their regular lives and it makes perfect sense.

Catch the video here:

Aamina Rahim

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