Indo- Sino: None Above the Other

Substantial growth of China’s economy is a matter of great concern and much more peculiar to India. A ringing bell might direct a lot of dominance and threat to India in near future. Considering the mainstream of relation so far, Indo- Sino relations have never been sweeter than what they appear now. History is has been bitter and even the present does not seem any better. A lot is piled up on the world stage that annihilates mutual benefits, rather awaits cross swords’ scene. In recent times, China’s assertions for Arunachal Pradesh being its territory have been souring the situation. Issuing of rough visa to Jammu and Kashmir Indian nationals is another unsolved matter. In spite of official discussions and protests, things remained unsolved.

The boost in China’s economy is a grave point of attention as international entanglements are of no good to abut boundaries. China adopted open trade policy in 2001 and the decade witnessed a fiery growth in the country. Trade relation between US and China strengthened and China arouse as one of the biggest export market of US. In 2005, tables turned and US started acquiring 23 per cent of export from China itself. Moreover, the bilateral trade stood as an epitome with 201.6 billion dollar deficit amount. China reincarnated into comparatively liberal economic structure. However, India and China have undergone number of trade agreements, recalling the recent open trade through silk route, and have their liberal commitments to WTO in active participation. Presently, Indo- Sino trade value figures at near about 30 billion dollars. In addition, India and China are in top ten ranked countries on the GDP scale where China stands in top five and US tops.
Analysis reveals that both the countries are on a healthy growing pace. With all the disputes and rat race in economic sector, instability is likely to persist. Undoubtedly, supremacy is what a nation craves for and here a little
distress and the battle begin. A tendency, internal pressure is released in outer boundaries- internal conflicts within the Chinese lines may prove a cause of further deterioration outside. Increasing population and unemployment do
exist and this, cannot be denied. In crucial circumstances, communal front is the final thread to break and loosen all the limits providing no other option.Nevertheless, country has multiple reasons and similarly multiple insecurities
to deal with, which might outburst in a war. Internal turmoil has to be satisfied and is a priority for China.

Contrasting images of both the countries are still comparable in the present scenario. Both are expected to grow at a shooting rate in coming years and the slugfest for dominance in international decisiveness have to be a part of near future. A kosher fact, together the nations stand complimentary and can be leading traders on the international
strata as well if the mainstream of mutual benefits is maintained. Alternatively, the equation results devastating with none above the other.

Shivani Swaroop