Indo – U.S. nuclear deal

India and the United States of America tied a knot in the nuclear channel in July 2005. This deal clearly states the setting of nuclear reactors in India to increase nuclear energy for electricity and trade relations in the same term.


This was put under great pressure by the NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group), as India, along with Pakistan and Israel, has not signed the NPT i.e. the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. This treaty safeguards the proper usage of nuclear power in the underlined countries. India very conveniently disagreed to sign the treaty, as they believe that the members are divided very discriminately under ‘have’ and ‘have not’, and would put them in a lower position.


The question that arises here is that why is the United States of America providing nuclear facilities to India when they have declined to sign the NPT, but not providing any help to Pakistan, who are in equal need of nuclear power? Well, the only answer that fits in here is the US’s need to sabotage any developing nation and very notably China, who have agreed to provide Pakistan with their required nuclear power.


If I look in full support of India, I see a very evil plan of the US; maybe intentionally and maybe not, to throw oil on the burning issue of India-Pak. India and Pakistan ,the countries who have been in disharmony since many years; this very Indo-US relation might just create a further drift.


India being only one the few nations who have not signed the NPT enlarges the very issue. If India wants to be called a permanent member of The United Nations, they cannot act this irresponsibly and insensitively towards the NPT. The NPT was only formed for the sole purpose of peaceful use of nuclear energy. Signing the NPT will benefit India. Yes, being a true Indian, I can be very sure of India’s action, but it is not me or the rest of India who need this as surety, the world organization should feel threatened by the India-US decision.


The very point when India and the US committed to the deal, there was a great amount of aggression by parties in India who declined this very thought. Avoiding the topic of India’s benefit after this deal would be a crime on my part. India, now having a super power by its side, would help them build their economy. Increased amount of trade partners, a probability of permanent membership in the UN and India’s recognition in the IT sector. A very good plan indeed made by the US, as now, having India under their belt would maintain their position as a super power.


China, having all resources, is growing in all spheres proves a threat to the very own insecure nation, the United States of America. A recent uproar was created when China shot a de- funct satellite to check whether it was being used for military purposes. China, who have started organizations and signed the Outer Space Treaty (OST) and are a member of the committee in peaceful use of outer space. This issue was taken up very seriously by America, who felt that the usage of weapons in space is a threat to mankind and is an uncivilized way of taking control, but as of what I’ve read, the US is one of the only countries who have refused to sign any treaty or pass any law that condemns the usage of weapons in space, which clearly indicates the US’s nasty plan of acquiring power and to remain unbeatable.


As it is clearly seen that US does not have clean motives in India, but is certainly creating a cold war with China. Well, there can’t be sure shot proof of this, but if read carefully, this is visible in clear definition. The Indo-US deal as well as the China-Pak deal may prove beneficial to the US and China respectively, but sadly, for India and her neighbour, this is just another reason to fight, destroy the economy and remain enemies forever.


Anindita Kannan



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