Information about Adoption

Since the first regulations of the adoption law in the Civil Code (BGB) in 1900, the social importance of the adoption of fundamentally changed. While the entry into force of the Civil Code, the primary objective was to provide an adoption, the continued existence of the name and assets to secure a family, adoption is now only allowed if it in the best interests of the child and its full integration into the adoptive family is expected to . For children who are not in their natural parents live, the adoption of a way, under the favorable conditions for development of a family as

a child.

However, many unwittingly childless couples in the adoption of a child a chance to start a family. However, the number of children for adoption to be released, a much larger number of candidates compared. Of the approximately one thousand adoptions take place in Bavaria, 60% by relatives or step-parents while foreign adoptions are comparatively rare.

The adoption agency is the sole responsibility of the adoption agencies of the youth welfare offices, the country’s youth and other offices of the adoption agency recognized organizations. Their legal mandate is for the good of the child’s parents to seek appropriate. Regarding the placement of children from abroad is subject to special procedures.

The adoption of a child is at the request of the receiving by order of the guardianship court. Before saying an adoption of a minor, the Adoptionsvermittlungsstelle an expert opinion on whether the adoption of the child’s best and the emergence of a parent-child relationship is to be expected. This also applies to relatives or step-parent adoptions.