Insensitivity Accentuates Excruciating Trauma


A flower bud – it brings a new life and new happiness to the expectant eyes and hoping souls.
The first rays of the sun also shower infinite blessings to the waiting lives which hope to have a different day and a brighter life with the new dawn.

The similar changes are felt by people when a baby enters the lives of so many people. A fresh breath is infused into the busy lives of elders. It is the causative of so much of unparallel experiences and feelings which find their expressions through the silent, small beginnings of the infant. A reliving of life…

But, who knows that with every growing step and every passing day, the innocent hapless life may be marching into that undeniably unforgiving world which is ever ready to tamper the formative beautiful encounters of the kid. All of us are made to be aware of the ‘fact’ that the world is a big, bad place which only spells unending struggles. Yes, I am insinuating about the rampant, blatant evil plaguing the integrity of the society, the very despicable reality of child sexual abuse which is just becoming more apparent in its count of incidents in the nation.

This situation is pathetic for a nation like India where kids are considered the guise and blessings of the Almighty. The crude hunger of people and their unending desires are so strong and uncontrollable that they do not even spare the kids. The victims of the harrowing form of abuse are left so desolate and uncatered to at the end of the day, due to the absence of proper laws and jurisdiction, that their traumatic experience remain in the undercurrents of their lives, terrorizing them and hampering their fullest growth, physically and psychologically.

What is even gravely accentuating the already helpless plight of a child sexual abuse victim are the insensitive laws that demand a hard proof and sustaining evidence to every possible crime. It is practically impossible to expect crimes that take the accomplice of something as untraceable as close confines and darkness; will leave behind any easy clue of its misdeeds. The entire act of sexually abusing a kid is something so very unimaginable to the general human psyche, that most often the bold testimonies, which if at all come to the forefront are not accepted.

The tragic part of the system that silently has been abetting such heinous deeds is the system of considering every human being equally concerned (uprightly, I should say) for the welfare of the innocent kids. The taboo with which anyway, something like the topic of ‘sex’ is treated itself, puts the victims at a lower and slippery stand to prove their validity.

If acceptance and understanding at the first part was itself not a question mark, then comes the part of tough law proceedings. The dubious ways of confusing the already battered soul of the victim, it requires such heavy stance and strong mettle to deal with the absurdity of the experience, giving no importance whatsoever to verbal testimony, it makes the victim feel almost committing an even more audacious mistake by going ahead and complaining.

It is true that there have to be a few practical evidences for such cases considering the amount of forging that kids generally do in such cases because of a variety of reasons, but there is something called human intelligence and emotional understanding which just cannot be divorced from human beings when they are being dealt as the subject matter. When trying to do justice to the pains and the anguishes of a human, we have to understand the fact that every human being has emotions, which play a very tough role, and cannot always be expressed and if done so, cannot always be objectively measured.

Something as plural in its jurisdiction of the subject matter has to take this as an important assumption that has to guide the law making procedure to make case solving much easier and human in such cases. Brushing things under the carpet has long been the reason for the silent abetting our society has ever provided for many crimes that pervade every strata of life. This is one such exemplary bracket of crime but we just cannot afford to be lax because the victims here are kids, the future of every nation.

We cannot sustain our independent and healthy thinking if we are not ready to understand the trauma that their own relatives under various garbs might be inflicting upon them in the silent nights, dark rooms and ‘under the sheets’ …

Arpita Chakrborty

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