What are dreams?

What are fantasies?

Every girl dreams about having her own fairytale. Since she was a young girl to being a teenager, to reaching her twenties and also in her Middle Ages and old age, every female has or had a dream, a fantasy in her life. All of us want a mushy-romantic life where our handsome knight in shining armor is like a mills and boon character. A prince riding on a white horse;rescuing a damsel in distress and being her knight in shining armor, her hero.

Since we were kids we were told stories about Cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast and so on. All these stories somewhere or the other remain engraved in our mind rather they have left an everlasting impact on most of us. Even behind a hard or so practical woman there is a heart of a young girl who wants her own fairytale ending.

When we grow up, fantasy books get exchanged with sweet romantic mills and boon’s that rather remain forever with us.

When commonly asked, every girl will say they love flowers, stuff toys, rainy season, breezy weather, chocolates and candies, romantic destination. All these are perfect gifts to woo a girl.

What every girl needs? Wow that’s a hard question… because sometimes we ourselves don’t know what we need. It depends, sometimes we would just love to go out and be rash and wild while on the other hand we would love to snuggle in front of a TV, have popcorn and spend time at home. Sometimes we are in a wild go getter adventure trip mood and sometimes all snappy and broody is our mood.

Strangely I can say as a girl, I myself don’t know what I want and what I feel at times but like all other girls I want security in my life. Security depends from person to person, from home to love to finance to job, everyone has a different definition and everyone has a different meaning and reason behind it to.

On a lighter note, apart from all these things what every girl wants is the story of her own which is like a dream and her own fairytale. It should be something whichshe would relish and enjoying telling it to her future grandkids about how she met her prince charming and this was her story.

Strangely when it comes to wooing a girl, boys are totally clueless. I have seen my friends buying weird gadgets for their girls, so that they can use it in future; pretty hilarious if I say so. What is important to remember here is that every girl wants to be treated like royalty and by royalty I do not mean materialistic gifts, rather love, affection and most importantly she craves your attention and care.

Love, friendship, honesty are pretty superficial terms for some guys but for most of the girls they are the essence of their beings.

So to all the boys who might read this I’d like to advice them to treat their girl as a ‘Lady’ with utmost care and affection and shower them first with your attention and love and then later maybe with materialistic gifts. Remember sometimes small gifts and gestures leave an everlasting impact rather than extravagant tokens of money.

And To all the girls who read this I would like to say that sometimes it does not harm you to bend you perfect dream to what you find. Sometime’s your Mr. Perfect is right here in front of you and you have not even realized it. So believe and open your eyes and senses and never fear to follow you heart and love without reservation.

Aarshi Dua