Inside all of us is fear, hope and dream

Nobody is born with chains and shackles, we are all born with an umbilical cord and once it is cut, we are all free. Udaan depicts the same message all the way through, to be free and break every shackle that comes your way. Udaan means to take-off and fly sky high in just one direction, towards your dreams, no matter how big or small, dreams are what we are made of.

The movie begins with a group of four young lads studying at a reputed boarding school sneaking out at night to watch a C-grade movie “Kanti Shah ke Angoor”. The boys are expelled from the institute as they get caught by the school warden. Unfortunately, they part ways.

After a humorous start the movie takes a serious turn when the 17 year old Rohan Singh (Rajat Barmecha), the protagonist of the movie has to go back to his father in Jamshedpur, who abandoned him for eight long years. Bhairav (Ronit Roy) the authoritarian father is furious on his expulsion from the boarding school and forces Rohan to work in his factory till lunch-time and study engineering in the latter half of the day, turning a deaf ear to his son’s aspirations. Rohan aspires to be a poet/writer, but to his despotic father, this profession has nothing to offer and is meant for the sissy and pansy. On his arrival in Jamshedpur Rohan finds out about his father second marriage followed by divorce and he has a step brother, Arjun. Rohan tries to fit into the plans his father lays out for him, but things start to tumble when his step brother gets hospitalized and he sees no hope of his father letting him live his own dream.

The climax of the movie was nerve-racking; it drives you to the point where you are not able to contain the adrenaline rush in your body. It commands you sit up and do something.

The movie was released on July 16, 2010. All the actors played their role with finesse and superior artistry. Rajat Barmecha played the role of a 16 year old who aspires to be a poet/writer, but his dreams and aspirations are controlled with a tight whip by his father; the role played by Ronit Roy, who wishes to shape his son’s career his way. Ram Kapoor played the role of Ronit Roy’s brother who has great empathy with his nephews. Aayan Boradia played the role of Rajat Barmecha’s step brother who suffers in silence under the tyrannical rule of his father.

The movie is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, it deserves all the accolades as this is Vikramaditya’s first flick. He has directed the movie with such maturity and perfection that is least expected from a debutant. As of April 2010, the movie has a rating of 8.5 out of 10 on IMDB.

Gone are the days when the success mantra for a movie was the star cast and item songs, Udaan has proved them all wrong, it climbed the ladder of success solely on the basis of a magnificent screenplay and remarkable acting by all the actors.

The music is composed by Amit Trivedi and the lyrics have been done by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The music is a mix of rock and grunge. The lyrics are inspirational, heartrending, stirring, inspiriting and touching. The music made the movie all the more enriching, the spirit of the movie is flawlessly conveyed through the lyrics. Aazaadiyan Pairon Ki Bediyan, Nadi Mein Talab Hai, Naav Chadhti Lehrein Laang Na Paye will touch the cords for years to come.

Some of the heartrending scenes in the movie were the part where a father ordered his son to call him “Sir” rather than Dad. The part when Rohan stood eyeball-to-eyeball confronting his father after coming back from the hospital. The first jogging session of father and son that ends with Ronit Roy saying, “Disgraceful” followed by Arjun imitating his father. The scenes were perfectly enacted, or should I say not a hair out of line.

The movie touched a set of important aspects of life. Late teens are the time when a child is most confused and vulnerable, this is the time to give meaning to life and discover what one is passionate about. This is time where support from the family is of utmost importance.

This movie also showed how important the role of a father is in shaping a person’s life, his role is to provide both moral and financial support. This movie also depicts the effect of the lacuna that is left behind by the absence of a mother. No one can understand a child’s need and desires better than her. It focuses on the father-son relationship, which is always at crossroads, a father who has his own version of dreams and a dreamer son who carries his own. Udaan is a simple straight forward film, which focuses on the problems faced by people in one way or another minus the melodrama.

Udaan asks us all: Is life over, or is it just the beginning?

It is you who is the creator and writer of your own destiny because in the end the choice is yours, you can sit back and let life take its toll or you can stand up and catch the Udaan of your life.
No matter what happens, no matter where you are, what you do or how beaten, scared and baffled, NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS.

Bhanuj Saharan

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