Insignificant Moments, Everlasting Joys


The rumbling of a mountain river is probably one of the most therapeutic sounds I have heard in recent times. The kind of comfort I felt sitting there late at night, staring into the starry sky, breathing in the cold chilly air and listening to the river which seemed to have embarked on an almost endless journey, is unparalleled. My teeth were chattering, yet I felt the warmth of having loved ones who I knew were somewhere thinking of me. I was groping in the darkness, yet my face radiated happiness which was almost unreal. There was noisy chatter all around me, yet I felt detached in a strange but positive way. I felt in sync with the person I was. Complete and content, I felt as if I was being cradled in the soft hands of Mother Nature herself…

An unlikely amount of introspection for a college trip I would say, but when you find yourself sitting amidst the colossal Himalayas on the banks of river Ganga, with nothing but contentment in your heart, you can hardly help but lose yourself in endless bliss. There are times of conflict in everyone’s hearts, the times when you don’t know or don’t care about any sort of direction. Times, when you feel lonely and without anyone or anything to fall back on. When every single thing seems to be going berserk. It is the time when your heart breaks or you fall out with a best friend or even when you fail to communicate effectively with mom or dad. And then there are those other times. Times like these. Moments of serenity and satisfaction. When you find yourself smiling for no reason at all. So what is my point, you ask? I would say life is all about letting go of conflicts and holding on to the sometimes inexplicable smiles. It may be the simplest of things in life and sometimes it may take an 8-hour bumpy bus journey to Rishikesh, but whatever it takes to make you happy, it’s always worth it. And when you feel that your heart is wrenched with sorrow and nothing seems to go right, it is those moments which will help you sail through. The key is to know that the storm will pass and at the same time to remind yourself of all the sunny days that have gone by. Do things which make you happy. It may be eating candy-floss or taking that much-needed vacation. It may even be just smiling back at the random cute stranger, and the joy of that moment will last you a life time. I managed to squeeze in a weekend trip in my schedule and the rumbling of the river still fills me with a fuzzy, warm feeling!

Vatsala Tibrewala