Institutionalised Education

p1b.jpgEducation today is nothing but a profit making business. The rut of primary school, inevitably followed by twelve years of grueling formal education, a class or two of mediocre arts thrown in and at the end of it, one expects an exceptional genius.

I dare not comment on the system as I am myself a part of it and that is what ensures my success in this institutionalized world of ours where everything is pre-planned and devoid of all adventure and creativity. Yesterday’s well-reputed formal education has, today, pushed us all into one single road and the deviant pay a high price. We all seek refuge in the belief that once we get over with this barred form of studies we will be able to do what our hearts truly desire. But pathetically, we all get caught into believing, owing to the fabricated image of success so far, that this is the only path.

Education is opinionated; from the theories that teachers taught, those teachers who we have to believe because if we question them, then we are regarded as being “stupid and illogical” to the essays that we have to critique whose answers are already predetermined and whose marks pre allocated. Sometimes I feel that all this preplanning, all this no other way out, no-other-option kind of approach is basically to save time. This might sound like a new thought to you but see for yourself how it perfectly fits into the lazy human tendency.

Once everything is pre determined and ideas prefixed, all the so-called “teacher” has to do is expect the vomited version of the “learners” thoughts; which aren’t really his. But it is all well explained; at least they learn something than nothing. And all those “suicide-rs” who dare to challenge the system die an uncommitted death. “Artists of their times” is what is tagged with them. Education today has trained our minds to think as one. So we may answer as one irrespective of whether the question appeals to our minds or even makes us question in the first place.

Education today has found new meaning in marks and grades and education is all about the goal, forgetting that the means might have anything to do with it.

Sita Priya Moorthi .