International Hindu UN Conference held at DU

August 28, 2008, Delhi Conference Centre

The opening ceremony of International Hindu Model United Nations commenced with the lighting of the lamp by our guest of honour, His Excellency Rogelio Ganguillhome, Ambassador of the United Mexican States. This event was followed by a welcome address by Ms. Anju Srivastava, member of the caucus advisory committee.

Ms. Anju Srivastava particularly highlighted the need of such a conference in this day and age, where importance of such discussion forums and platforms not only provides an opportunity to the people to voice their opinion but also sensitizes the youth about global issues. Dr. D.N. Gupta, acting principal Hindu College praised the caucus advisory committee for their “commendable job” wherein the standards are already seen setting in like never before.

Dr. Kavita Sharma, principal Hindu College and presently the director of india international centre, took the initiation in following the international hindu model united nations in 2007. In her well articulated speech, she praised the students for organizing an event on such an unprecedented scale and encouraged them to utilize their full potential in the 4 day conference, which has three councils namely General Assembly, Security Council and Human Rights Council comprising a total of 120 delegates.

The ceremony witnessed several moving anecdotes wherein representative of UNAIDS pointed out the fact that hiv infected patients should not be measured in numbers, but the countless emotions each person carried on his/her back.

The ceremony ended with the initiation of the sessions in all the councils with the Secretary General declared the conference “open”.