Internet: The New Debut Stage

He was turned down by every publisher he approached. No magic doors opened for him. He claimed they thought differently from him. They indeed did. For what he came up with, could not be conceived in normal hackneyed minds. He released his book on Twitter, 140 characters at a time. That’s taking independent publishing to a whole new level. The rewards of his ingenious idea remain to be seen. But there are others who are already basking in the sunny glory of the fruits of electronic media that they were quick to identify as the tree of all seasons.

VenetianPrincess. It is hard to miss her if you are a YouTube bee. Creating cracking parodies of songs, she has smiled her way onto the mantle of the most subscribed-to internet personality. Natalie Tyler Tran. This Digital Media student at Sydney’s University of New South Wales is a vlogger(video blogger) of observational and self-deprecating humour on YouTube, the most famous Aussie on YouTube. Aspiring radio jocks, amateur stand-up comedians, ambitious first time models, newbie singers, news and media students…whew…everyone seems to have found the perfect waters to dip their fingers in before talking the actual plunge. Amateurs also find it more comfortable to cavort in the informal ambience of an informal video and it acts as a stepping stone to the exercise before professional lenses.

With viewers worldwide willing to glue in provided the material is crisp and new and exciting, the internet is opening avenues for young talent short on cash and high on ideas. Loading videos do not absorb any capital from the strugglers’ budget. Most vloggers look for genius in the most banal of equipments around them and more often than not, find it shining through. A video camera, a keyboard, and common editing software is the minimum (and enough) requirement to put genuine talent on world view. The most prominent internet personalities use no more than the minimum requisites to conjure up their masterpieces. It might be just a matter of time before MTV or another prominent channel pick the trail, take the cue and before you know it, you get airtime on T.V!

For those blessed (armed) with the sword of the pen, blogging is a blessing. First time writers have made fortunes out of posting online. And if it’s the compelling need to be at the helm of affairs and test your journalistic skills, the avenues are innumerable. This very platform that supports my write-up is an excellent example of how electronic media can reach out to people across continents, races, ages and cultures, complete with coaches on language style and content. Online journalism is the medium of the future, the easiest and fastest way to put ideas into the panorama, provided one has the foresight to reign in the maximum audience. The audience need not be reduced to mere watchers. Courtesy the internet, they have the option of airing their views on what is out there, and you have the benefit of their opinion.

This is one medium which does not face the axe of censorship. As much as we might argue about the negatives of such a scenario, it cannot be refuted that an open public forum where one is not afraid to speak one’s mind is the finest way of picking out the best among alternatives. The negatives die down a natural death in the face of the positives as true entertainment will always weigh over mediocre slandering.
The most attractive feature of choosing the internet as the platform of your debut performance is the total superfluousness of agents and brokers, who would otherwise eat away a chunk of your investment costs.
Afraid of copycats licking off your ideas and using them for profits? It might be of use here to add that anything that is your own creation is automatically copywritten as soon as it is created. Videos need to be dated while recorded. A worldwidely accepted way of copywriting written material is to E-mail it to oneself with a valid E-mail ID and leaving the mail unopened. The date on the mail acts as proof of its originality if a plagiarism issue crops up.

Critiques of the internet can be found a dime a dozen. But it should not overshadow in our minds the fact that it is how we use a medium that makes it a blessing or a bane. We can either use the internet as the hand that rocks our cradle or tsunami waves that wash down our sanity.

Three cheers to the internet!

Shruthi Venukumar

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