Internet Wants Steve Rogers And Bucky Barnes To Be A Couple!

cap-is-a-gayBut does Captain America swing that way?

Love and relationships are a part of everybody’s waking reality. We live to love and to be loved. This is a basic necessity and all of us are a part of this universal yearning; yes, even the superheroes. Twitter, of late, is going bananas over Steve Rogers aka Captain America’s sexuality. The hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend has been trending with fervent fans of the Marvel universe demanding that the makers give Captain America is boyfriend. And who better, they say, than Steve’s oldest comrade and confidant James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier? Nothing better than a blast from the past, eh?

Brand Captain America is three films old and what Marvel has consistently reminded us, is that Rogers shares the solidest of bonds with Barnes, who has appeared in all of his films. We saw their unusual camaraderie in Captain America: The First Avenger, where a frail and scrawny Rogers found the unlikeliest of allies in James Barnes. Rogers risked everything to save his friend – a soldier held captive by Hydra – in the film. When he awoke from his cryosleep, the world had changed far too much. Things were beyond Steve’s conception.

In the second film – Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Rogers was still in mourning. Years had passed since he had lost his dearest pal. The Winter Soldier’s resuscitation, therefore, brought joy in the life of the sentient Avenger; even though Bucky’s revival spelt doom for Nick Fury and other agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We all know Captain America is very old, and Bucky is only person who holds the key to his lost years, a past he cannot forget. It was, naturally emotional (even overwhelming) for him to fight his own demons and a long-lost friend.

I watched Captain America: Civil War recently. An incredible storyline and action sequences aside, there was a certain ache, which was the film’s undertone that perfectly balanced Captain’s love and ‘bromance’ for the Winter Soldier.

I do not know if it is just me, or was there really a love-triangle between Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

It appeared as if Rogers just could not get over an old relationship and start anew. The past always catches up and it surely did, for America’s hero. It was probably the most emotional of all scenes, when Steve told Tony that he’d always choose Bucky over everyone else, because he is his friend.

Now, those who have watched the film know how it ends. For those who haven’t, here is how it does:

It would not hurt to see Captain America come out and embrace his sexuality. But we know Rogers is not gay. We know about his adoring Peggy Carter romance. In the third instalment, we also saw him steal a kiss from Carter’s niece Kate. So it would be odd, to see him romance a man suddenly. But what he shares with Bucky is real, palpable and adorable. The men adulate each other, and are probably the thickest of friends – nothing more, nothing less.

We will have to wait for the Twitter storm to fade away. Share with us in the comments section, what you feel should happen in the Marvel universe with regards to Captain America, and him getting a boyfriend (or not).

Prerna Mittra

The Viewspaper