Internship certificate is what you get after having successfully completed your internship with the organization. It is important that you collect the certificate once you are done with the duration of the internship. The certificate is the only proof of you having done completed your internship. It is something you can show future employers, many of whom might take a decision on your candidature based on these certificates.

An internship certificate should include your vital details among various other things. Please check for any spelling errors before you accept this certificate. Any change in spelling of the name or contact information should be rectified immediately for it might be cause enough for people to question the efficacy of the certificate.

Please ensure that the certificate contains details about your job. The certificate should contain a proper job description. It ensures that you get full credit for your role in the company while you were interning with it. It should also touch upon your abilities and skills and how they surfaced in the course of the internship. The certificate should highlight those aspects of your personality that helped made your internship with that company a success.  The intention, ultimately, is to make the certificate reflect positively on your personality.

What gives authenticity to any certificate is the signature of proper authority. Without a signature and a proper stamp the certificate is of no use. Ideally the certificate should be printed on the letterhead of the company. The duration of the internships and the dates of joining and leaving should be clearly specified.

If the conditions mentioned above are not being met, please ensure that you ask for another certificate. The certificate is a way of ensuring that you get due recognition for the work you did while you interned in the company. Nothing compares to the experience you gather on the job, but the certificate is the only thing the employers will see so, it needs to be impeccable.