Internship for Writers- Advanced

This Summer The Viewspaper offers you to an Internship Programme that will give you industry knowledge within a media sector.

We have Intern positions available  for the following roles:

1)     Sports Correspondent: As a sports correspondent you would be given in-depth training and assignments on sports writing. The assignments will include different type of Sports events that one can cover and the opinion articles critically analyzing the Sports Industry would also be a part of the Internship

2)     Business Correspondent: In the Bussiness Correspondent programme, you would be asked to critically analyse different business models and write articles on specific business and economic issues. Our editorial team will guide you and give you constructive feedback on your work and take you through the know-how of business journalism.

3)     Politics Correspondent:  A Politics correspondent would be required to complete a set of assignments involving articles on political situations both at national and International level. This would give you a hands-on experience of political reporting and analyzing political situations.

4)     Interview Specialist: You along with a team of people would be required to interact with and interview people from all walks of life, first gen entrepreneurs, NGOs, Scientists, politicians, industrialists etc.

Please fill the form below to apply for any of the above positions:

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