Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh is house to many industries, most important of them being IT. There are many opportunities waiting to be explored in Hyderabad. If you are a student of engineering chances are that you would get the internship of your dreams in a city like Hyderabad. Most IT companies are either headquartered at Hyderabad or have a branch there. If your engineering college brings companies on campus for placements the chances are that most of the openings will be in Hyderabad.

The competitive scenario in Hyderabad ensures that the internships that are available are top of the class. All companies want the best candidates to join them. And, when there are so many companies wanting to hire the best of the interns the job description automatically becomes enticing. They not only offer you an interesting portfolio to work on, the remuneration you get is also excellent. The experience you get working with companies in Hyderabad is unparalleled. It would always reflect positively on you. You would also increase your chances of getting a good job offer in the future. If you do well during your internship you might be offered a job in that company itself.

Hyderabad offers other opportunities in different fields too. One could intern with the major newspapers and magazines, which roll out specific editions targeted at south India. Within this too one could choose to write about what all is going on in the city of Hyderabad or about the political situation for these companies. The options are many. You could also get the opportunity to pursue internships in unconventional careers, such as photography, film making, etc.