The present scenario of internship in India looks positive. A lot of companies are coming forward and advertising extensively to hire interns for a minimum duration of one month. It is a win-win situation for both the companies and the interns. The companies get labour without the shackles of the formalities of a permanent job. The interns, too, get a wholesome experience, which helps them get acquainted with all the aspects of their job.

Internships are available in all areas, including engineering, management, social service, copywriting, law, etc. All companies do not go through the traditional route of employment. They do not go through their Human Resource department and advertise in leading dailies or websites. They rely on the brand that their company is. Many people who want to intern with them email them their resumes. In such case, then, the company chooses one from these candidates. Sometimes, the employees are given the freedom to hire interns to help them out with extra workload, whenever that happens.

There are some people who rely on contacts to get them internships. Since the companies do not adopt the traditional route contacts help you to get an interview scheduled with the company. If you do not know anybody who works in the company you want to work with, do not worry. Get the email address of their Human Resource department from the company’s official website and email them your resume. In the cover letter mention what kind of internship you looking for and why you think you would be suited for this job.